Sunday, 11 March 2018

Huda #FauxFilter Foundation Review

I have championed Kat Von D Lock It Foundation for 2 years now and you can find out why here. However, as a makeup enthusiast, it's kind of unheard of to stick with something for that long without trialling something new. In my attempt to find another foundation I like, I colour matched myself for the Huda Faux Filter Foundation on a trip to Selfridges. I tend not to buy foundations without trialling them for a couple of wears but as this is a product that is popular, I took the risk and ordered it online via Cultbeauty. I've written and re-written this three times because I couldn't decide if I liked it or not - keep reading to find out my final verdict.

There's 30 shades available and judging by online swatches I've looked at, it's fairly representative of paler skin tones, but as is often the case, I don't think there are enough options for those with darker and deeper skin tones and Huda need to do better with this. I tested Vanilla and Panna Cotta. The Selfridges sales adviser wasn't particularly helpful so I guessed and picked Vanilla. In hindsight, I could probably have done with a slightly darker shade as this is an exact match to my oh-so-pale neck and means that my under eye concealer doesn't look quite so bright but it's definitely wearable.
The foundation was £32 which is a little higher than the majority of mid-high end foundations I've tried (Kat Von D £27, Too Faced £29, Urban Decay £29.50) but not completely unreasonable. The packaging looks like glass but is actually frosted plastic. It's not very weighty so doesn't feel as luxurious as I might have liked BUT it's more travel-friendly - substance over style! This foundation is described as full coverage with a matte finish and the formula is quite thick and creamy. It has light floral fragrance which although not unpleasant, is a bit synthetic and I'd prefer fragrance-free.
I've trialled application with both a make up sponge and brush and whilst both work, I favoured the brush (Illamasqua Highlighter Brush) as it gave a more perfected finish. Due to the thick consistency, it does dry quite quickly and doesn't blend quite as easily as similar products. Having said that, you only need a small amount and once blended it gives an even finish without being too matte. Regardless of how I applied it, I found that #FauxFilter set in my smile lines really fast and accentuated my pores on my cheeks. The coverage is pretty good however the formula is drying and slightly less opaque than Lock It, I find it doesn't completely cover my problem area in between the apple of my cheeks/my jaw (a highly populated patch of under the skin pimples which I bring to a head by picking) so I have been topping up with concealer or KVD. Speaking of my acne, I found that it got worse around the same time I started using Huda Beauty's foundation. Whilst I was trying to deliberate on my final thoughts on this product, I found that many people believe this foundation cause them to break out. I can't say that #FauxFoundation was definitely the cause of the irritation but it seems pretty likely.
In terms of longivity, #FauxFilter fares pretty well. I think influencers/beauty bloggers/makeup lovers are critical of products but the reality is that most people will not find a foundation that literally remains perfect all day long without a bit of work throughout. I do have to take extra care when prepping my skin for #FauxFilter - my beloved Urban Decay Quickfix isn't substantial enough so I've been getting reacquainted with the Illamasqua Hydraveil primer. Around lunchtime I spritz my face to keep it hydrated and touch up my smile lines as well as the very top of my forehead and around my mouth where it tends to break down/crack.

All in all, I do like the Huda Beauty foundation, it gives a nice finish and I think it performs well - general wear & tear through the day is to be expected. However, I do wonder if the fragrance irritates my skin. If you favour a matte foundation and as long as you don't have sensitive, really dry skin or raised blemishes, I think you'll get on with #FauxFilter however due to my criticisms and the price tag, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this foundation.

Have you tried Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Foundation? What did you think?

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