Sunday, 4 February 2018

Winter Lights Festival 2018

Last weekend, Juan took me to London and following seeing Sarah of Sarah Kirby Blog post about it on Instagram, we decided to check out the Winter Lights festival, a collection of art installations spotted all over Canary Wharf with, as the name suggests, a focus on light. With 33 separate sculptures and interactive art pieces to find, it's like a neon treasure hunt and we had some serious exploring to do. Keep reading to check out my photos of this visual spectacular!

Once we arrived at Canary Wharf, we stopped off at Jubilee Park shopping centre and picked up maps on where to find each of the artworks. This cute critter was one of many placed around Jubilee Park. The huge inflatable bunnies are by Australian artist Amanda Parer. This piece is called "Intrude" as in Australia, despite their fluffy lovable appearance, they are overpopulated and seen as pests.
Bit.Fall, a permanent installation located on Chancellor Passage, is seriously impressive. Illuminated water falls in the precise shape of words taken from a feed from the Times website - clever or what? This piece by Julius Popp proved particularly difficult to take photos of as the words are only visible for a matter of seconds.
Teresa Otto's Cube can be found by the Cubitt steps and although simple, is really effective. I like the way it reflects into the water below and lights up on those who stand within it's frame.
Next we strolled over to Westferry Circus where we stumbled upon Apparatus Florius, a multicoloured, music-accompanied light installation. Bordering the park, the string-like lights are criss-crossed over another another and flash on and off, ebbing and flowing, to the rhythm of the gentle music to symbolise the growth of a plant. The atmosphere at Apparatus Florius was really calming.
We took the opportunity to take a photo under the UV lights of the next installation on our trail, Urban Patterns (which made our teeth look really white, hence the big grins). The coloured lights are wound around the trees of Columbus Court.
Wren Landing was the temporary home to my favourite piece at Winter Lights, Dazzling Dodecahedron. This acrylic kaleidoscope-esque shape has an iridescent rainbow appearance inside and a pink, blue & purple exterior & is so visually stunning I could have stared at it for hours.
As we were walking past and I was getting kind of tired, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a pit stop at The Sipping Room for a drink. Not only is their prosecco the best but they also do amazing cocktails. They have a cool outdoor area with blankets for when it's cold and for winter they currently have "igloos" set up which you can book.
Post-drink, a lot of the remaining light pieces were close to one another and also very busy with long queues to view some of exhibitions we were particularly keen on seeing. However, we did manage to see Reflecting Holons, a huge piece that looked like massive tear drop-shaped bubbles. They have motorised rods through the middle causing them to turn. The way they caught the light was beautiful & along with the elderly couple with walking sticks slowly making their way round the exhibitions the map and their walking sticks (they were honestly so adorable), this was another major highlight of the festival for me.
Finally, en route back to the tube station, whilst cutting through One Church Square, we came across this permanent fixture. Robert Montgomery is famous for his poetry and quotes portrayed in lights and I think this wording is particularly poignant and something anyone who has suffered bereavement can relate to and find comforting.

So that's it for our evening stroll around the Winter Lights Festival 2018. What do you think? Did you visit yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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