Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Kiss Faux Mink Lashes Review

T'is the season to be jolly and the opportunities to get glitz-ed and glamm-ed up are a-plenty. Alongside sequins, glitter and statement earrings, lashes are my favourite party accessories so when Kiss kindly sent me 2 sets of their lashes from their Lash Couture collection, I couldn't wait to try them out. As someone who is cruelty free, lash shopping can be a bit tricky as glue can be tested on animals and some lashes are made from mink fur. But Kiss lash glue is CF and their lashes are synthetic. The two styles I was sent are actually faux mink so are in the style of mink fur so look similar but are cheaper and most importantly, much kinder.

I was sent Gala & Midnight alongside their lash glue to review. Gala are very dramatic with a lot of volume and curl, whereas Midnight are more feathery and sultry but still provide plenty of additional length.

Whilst my preferred make up style would never be described as "subtle", the Gala lashes are pretty out there for me but I like to step out my comfort zone. They seemed huge so I trimmed them down but once applied, it was obvious this wasn't needed as you'll notice in the photos below! I would still recommend cutting off the very ends of the outer side which have no lashes on as this dug in to my eye (this is true for Midnight too). The tail end of the inner corner is a bit too long for my eye and did cause a bit of discomfort but I would advise against trimming this end as it makes it more pointy/spiked & therefore uncomfortable and just making sure you bear in mind there is quite a length of the strip with no lashes on. I have hooded eyes and small lids so on first sight the Gala lashes looked a bit much - they completely masked my eye shadow and nearly touched my eyebrows. That being said, they didn't feel heavy and after a while I got used to and grew to like them. I would definitely wear them again if I was going "out out".

Midnight are a style of lash I would choose and ordinarily buy for myself so I couldn't wait to try them out and they were definitely proved to me favourite of the two. I love how wispy and feathery they look and could well become my go-to for date night. Again, they were comfortable so no complaints there either. Application using Kiss lash glue was easy enough for both lash styles. I apply glue sparingly but with a little extra on the end ends and wait around 30 seconds until the glue is tacky. Then apply using tweezers/an applicator and firmly pinch the false lashes to my real ones. The lashes stayed in place for as long as I kept them on and were so secure it was actually a little tricky to remove. The glue is relatively easy to remove from the lashes so you can clean and store them ready for a second or third wear.

Gala lashes (left eye only)
Midnight lashes (right eye only)
I wasn't disappointed with my first Kiss Eyelash experiences. Although they don't feel as luxurious and high quality as some of my more high end falsies, they are a great purse-friendly alternative which are ethical and with so many different styles available. I think they serve well as a starter lash for a newbie and would also make a fab stocking-filler. Both sets of lashes retail for £7.99 a pair and are available at Superdrug. Kiss Lash range are also available at Boots and FalshEyelashes online store.

Have you tried any Kiss lashes? What did you think? Which are your favourite cruelty-free eyelashes?

*Kiss sent the lashes and glue in exchange for an honest review. All content and views are my own.

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