Sunday, 16 July 2017

Miss Patisserie Bath & Bodycare Review

Designed by Charlotte Ridgwell, a beauty and well being loving aromatherapist for those who “want an instagrammable bath that is good for them and their planet too”, Miss Patisserie are a brand after my own heart. Offering a range of plant based vegan skincare spanning across fun shower and bath items as well as treats for your body and face – everything from moisturiser to perfume, bath balls, even candles!

To celebrate the launch of their range in Boots stores, Miss Patisserie were kind enough to send this gorgeous box of goodies for review and boy did these pastel pretties lighten up a dull day in the office. Let’s take a closer peep!

First things first, can we just talk about the colour theme – I’m obsessed! I love the packaging, it’s quite plain but clean and high end-looking meaning it can make your bathroom look cute but also make for gorgeous gifts.
Bath Crumbles are essentially a bag full of broken up bath bombs. I really love this concept, it's simple but fun and a bit different. You just take as little or as much as you want, sprinkle it in the water and slip into a relaxing bath. I tend to use 2 full palms of chunks and watch them slowly fizz away, leaving vivid blue water in their wake. I didn't find it to be especially moisturising but it definitely made for a relaxing bath. The smell is a lovely floral but not too overpowering, it does cling to your skin for a couple of hours afterwards.
Up next we have the sugar scrub. What struck me about this item is the size of the jar and therefore how much product you're getting - nearly 500g! This body scrub is made up of sugar (obviously), coconut oil derivative, jojoba and sweet almond oils to moisturise as well as exfoliate. The scrub I received was Lotus Flower (more on that in a second) and I found the texture to be really coarse and therefore an effective exfoliator but I could also feel the nourishing oils at work at the same time. I also like that after some serious washing, I'll be able to recycle the clip top jar for storage.

The body souffle has quite a thick consistency but is absorbed into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It does however leave a gorgeous fragrance which lingers on the skin for a couple of hours and skin feels softer and more plump. You don't need much product so I can see this lasting quite a while. It's not too heavy duty so if you have particularly dry skin you might need something a bit more hydrating but it did the trick for my normal skin.

Like the body scrub, the scent is Lotus Flower, however both products come in a range of variations - coconut, vanilla, mango, watermelon or pear & peony meaning you can experiment and mix scents together or use the same scent and build up the fragrance on your skin which I really like. I would describe Lotus Flower as a zingy floral that's light, fresh and summery. I'd also love to try out the watermelon items in the range.

Last but not least, it's bath bits! On the left we have Ziggy, a Bowie-inspired bath ball. Blue, purple and white in colour and dipped in golden mica for that luxe touch. Due to the colourful appearance, I was expecting it to turn my make my bathwater bright. The ball fizzed really slowly and took about 15 minutes to dissolve completely and left the water a lilac hue with a subtle shimmer. It smells citrusy and made the water feel nourishing on my body.

Cupcake melt in sea salt. Super cute looking and re-usable. Ingredients include shea and cocoa butters to nourish the skin but I haven't got round to trying it out just yet!

This box has served as an amazing introduction to Miss Patisserie and I'll definitely be buying some of their range for myself and my loved ones in the future (if I ever get through the sugar scrub and moisturiser!) As you probably know by now, I'm a perfume aficionado so I'd love to try one of their perfumes next as well as the lavender version of the cupcake shaped bath melts.

Have you tried any Miss Patisserie products? Which ones caught your eye?

*Written in collaboration with Miss Patisserie. Items sent to me for my review. All content and views are my own.
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