Monday, 1 May 2017

Lush Reading VIP Evening

A few weeks ago, I checked my emails to find I had been invited to the VIP opening of one of my favourite shops, Lush. The small, older style unit was closing and making way for the larger store in the middle of the Oracle in Reading and I couldn't wait to see what it looked like. The Reading branch has been morphed into a fresh, concept style store, not too dissimilar to the much-loved Oxford Street flagship, just obviously on a smaller scale. Shall we take a look at Lush Reading's extreme makeover?

On arrival, the first thing that struck me about the new store is the sheer size. Not only the grander scale of shelving storing products but also how much open space there was. As much as I loved the old branch, it got very cramped on busy days. As expected, I was greeted by smiley, friendly faces, only too happy to share their excitement on the grand re-opening.
I was asked what my favourite aspect of Lush was and promptly guided over to the perfume section to discuss all things fragrance with their guru, Shaun. He ran through the back-stories of my favourite fragrances before sharing his with me. Before I knew it, an hour had passed - a testament to Shaun's knowledge and passion for the brand!
Eventually, we proceeded to make our way around the rest of the store, starting with skincare. I gave Shaun the 411 on my skin type and the products I've tried, liked and disliked and he went away and came back with a cleanser, toner, and facemask to try out on the back of my hand - I now have a list of new things I need to try out!
I was also pointed in the direction of massage bars which shared the fragrance of perfumes I'd previously picked out. The skincare area is one of my favourite sections of the shop, with it's fresh, clean appearances and collection of plants, it's really calming.
Next up, was the makeup section, a collection that often gets overlooked. I really need to try the liquid eyeliners and lipsticks one of these days! Also, how cute is the lip neon light shelving?
Finally, it was time for the bath and shower products. Shaun ran me through the ones he thought I would like, his favourites and those which are shortly to be discontinued - stock up on Yoga bath bomb and Don't Rain on my Parade shower gel before it's too late!

The visual merchandising in the new store is amazing, they've really pulled out all the stops and the attention to detail is fantastic:
A massive thank you to Lush Reading for inviting me to their special day and to the lovely Shaun who was like my Lush Fairy Godmother for the evening!

Have you checked out the new branch? What did you think? If you haven't, make sure you head over soon!

*Written in collaboration with Lush. All content and views are my own.
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