Sunday, 18 December 2016

"Makeup Geek x Manny MUA" Eyeshadow Palette

Greetings beauty-loving babes, I'm back with another make-up review. As you'll know if you read my post about Make Up Geek's "Flamethrower" and "Cocoa Bear", I'm a big fan of their eye-shadow pans. Initially, when this palette was announced and the first photos leaked, my bank balance breathed a sigh of relief as I didn't think it was one for me. Fast forward a month and I was waiting for one to arrive in the post, the epitome of "Youtube made me do it". Read on to find out if it lived up to the hype!

I bought the product on pre-order via the Make Up Geek website. It took about a month to arrive and cost me around £55 including shipping, customs etc from America. The Manny palette is one of those originally marketed as Limited Edition but seems to have restocked numerous times and is actually still available on Beauty Bay for £56. This works out as £6.20 per pan and with single eyeshadows costing £5.50, you aren't exactly getting a bargain but that's the price you pay when it comes to collaborations with vloggers/bloggers/celebrities.

My thoughts on the packaging are that I love the outer box with it's simple, holographic moon and star design but was surprised when I removed the palette to see the gold Great Gatsby-esque pattern, they just don't really seem to go that well together?! Not a big deal though. The palette is also made of cardboard which was slightly disappointing given the price tag but again, to be expected for a collaboration product. As you can see my well-loved palette looks a bit battered. Whilst the Manny MUA pallette doesn't come with a brush (which doesn't bother me personally) There is a large, decent quality mirror, which I am a fan of.
As you can see this is a warm-toned palette and the shades aren't too dissimilar from those in the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills which I have also reviewed. The obvious differences being that Modern Renaissance has 14 pans and has more pinks and purples against Manny's 9 pans of mostly nudes, oranges and browns.

The Manny MUA palette is made up of mattes, shimmers, a foiled and also a duo chrome shadow with a pretty even balance of original shades and colours you can already pick up from Make Up Geek. The shadows you can pick up as singles are Beaches and Cream, Frappe and Cosmopolitan. Insomnia, 50% of the reason I had to buy the palette, is available in pigment form which is a relief as mine is already very well loved. Luna, Artemis, Sora, Aphrodite and Mars (which made up the other 50% of my reasoning behind purchasing) are not available to buy separately. Let's take a closer look at each shade, shall we?
Starting on the left, Artemis is an creamy-yellow with a shimmer finish and is a no-brainer for a gorgeous under-brow highlight. As it's a paler shade and I am so fair, it takes a while to build up.
This pale peachy shade called Beaches & Cream and I find works really well as a base colour and blends with ease.
Luna is the only foiled shadow in the palette and it's a bronzey-brown shade which is gorgeous on all skin tones and a core colour in any make-up collection.
Onto the next row and up first is Cosmopolitan, a beautiful duo-chrome shadow that's a coral-rose with gold shift.
Sora is a light brown/terracotta with the most subtle shimmer to it that shows up in the palette but not really when applied on the eye. I like to use this one in my crease.
This matte milky chocolate brown is called Frappe. Another good one for the crease.
Insomnia is my favourite shadow in the palette. This divine red-brown has a blue/green shift. I am obsessed. I wear it a lot and get compliments pretty much every time. I love applying this to the centre of my lid and slathering Urban Decay's Distortion glitter eyeliner on top.
Another firm favourite in this little compact is this deep red colour, Mars which looks quite pink on application. As with most shadows of a similar shade, it's a little gritty and takes a bit longer to blend out. I love to wear this on the outer lid with the look I describe above to create a dramatic halo effect.
Finally we have Aprodite, a super pigmented, dark chocolate brown which is great for creating a smokey eye. I tend to add a touch of this to darken the outer corners of my eye.
Well, as you can probably tell from my glowing review, I am a big fan of the colours in this palette and the performance of the shadows. As I made the comparison earlier to the Modern Renaissance palette, you may be wondering which I prefer and whether you need both. Due to my extreme love for Insomnia and Mars, the Manny MUA palette wins my vote. Despite a number of the core neutral mattes are quite similar (Cyprus Umber (MR) is akin to Aphrodite (MM), Sora (MM) is not too far off Raw Sienna (MR) and Mars (MM) is a superior version of Venetian Red (MR)) I don't regret having both palettes and reach for and use each regularly.

What do you think of Makeup Geek's collaboration with Manny MUA?

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