Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Exploring Edinburgh - La Clique Encore, Cocktails & The Castle

We did so much on our long weekend in Edinburgh that I had to split it into two posts. You can read the first part here and today I'm back with the final and my favourite part! Be warned, it's a food-heavy post, so I hope you aren't hungry.

Rising slightly later on Sunday due to the cocktail buckets and prosecco from the night before. We started the morning off by wandering down to Stockbridge market which was full of amazing looking goodies to try out. I was surprised by how many food options were labelled vegan including the dessert pots pictured above. However it was the toffee cupcake that I couldn't resist. For fans of savoury, there were fresh gyoza, paella, olives and noodle boxes up for grabs.
Sarah and Paddy had never eaten at Las Iguanas and as it's one of our favourites we suggested going there for our evening meal. Our table was full of delicious tapas and colourful cocktails! Head over to your local one if you haven't been, they have a veggie/vegan menu, great deals on Tapas and buy one get one free on cocktails - what's not to love?!
On to the main event of the evening, La Clique Encore, a cabaret/circus show which got rave reviews. Held in the world-famous, Speigletent, a circus tent with gorgeous stained glass windows, which had been set up in the picturesque St Andrews Square. The performance offered all sorts - comedy, sword swallowing, acrobatics and a naked lady with a handkerchief...
We stopped via just one bar on the route home, Hoot The Redeemer. This cocktail bar has a secret fortune teller door! Once inside, you're surrounded by fairground novelty delights. The main attraction is the cocktail grab machine. You pop £1 in the machine and try to capture the ball with your favourite flavours inside. I recall seeing vanilla, passion fruit, coffee and kiwi. You then take your flavours to the bar, tell the tender what kind of drinks you like and they whip up a unique cocktail, just for you. They don't mess around, there's pipettes, bottles of spray and even tiny edible stars that go into their concoctions. Also up for grabs are alcohol slushies & an alcoholic ice cream vending machine. Hoot is a must-visit!
The journey to get up to Edinburgh Castle on our last day was a bit of a hike but also made for more amazing panoramic views of the city. Due to getting the timing of our flight wrong, it was a speedy visit to the Castle, 10 mins to be exact. So I'd love to come back when it's less busy and be able to read the information boards and get a better idea of the history behind the building and take more time to appreciate the views.
Our next activity was an Auld Reekie ghost tour! This particular one was underground in the South Bridge Vaults. Although I'm sceptical about the existence of ghosts, the walk was super creepy. It's dark and damp and the stories told a great balance of scary and funny. I'd love to try out some of the other tours on offer by the same company too.
Before rushing to the airport, we had a spot of lunch - our first ever Byron Burger. I plumped for the Smoky burger (beefburger with cheese, bacon, crispy onion and BBQ sauce) it was pretty tasty and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the onions were like teeny tiny pieces of onion ring. I had a butterscotch milkshake which was incredible but so filling. We left feeling that whilst the food was good, service was slow and the chain is both overrated and overpriced.

That's it for our trip to Edinburgh! Have you been? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments below!

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