Thursday, 6 October 2016

Lush Creative Showcase Haul

The showcase may have been last month now but I'm still wishing I could go back! In case you missed it, you can read all about my time there, here. Now that I've had a chance to try out the goodies I picked up on the day, I figured it was time to share my thoughts with you. I didn't go in too heavy with the Christmas products, purely because I didn't want to get to December and be sick of the sight of the Winter collection. I was a little disheartened to see there wasn't any violet-scented products in the range. Luckily for me, I'm also a big fan of lavender of which there was lots and came away with a handful of goodies with that fragrance.

No trip to Lush is complete without me picking up a bath bomb for Juan. I plumped for the revamped Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Back with it's sweet vanilla fragrance, this year's version is bright blue in colour with 3 star shaped bath oils which I was told float around your bath! This one looks a bit sad because it was just so hot at the Showcase that the stars melted a little.

Also for Juan was Mistletoe bath bomb but he used it before I even had chance to take a photo! If you haven't been to your local Lush to check out the Christmas range yet, it's pastel pink and mint in colour with a mistletoe pattern printed all-over. Scent-wise it's packed with jasmine and vetivert, making it an earthy-floral aphrodisiac. It's a good Christmas purchase for those who don't like glittery baths.
Twilight bath bomb is one of my bedtime favourites due to its heady malty-floral scent. I've managed to get my hands on the shower gel via the Lush Kitchen once before but it sells out in minutes! I, for one, was super excited to see it's back and available at Lush Oxford Street this Christmas. It's super calming and doubles up as a luxury bubble bath but unlike the previous batch, is glitter-less.
Next up, we have Sleepy body lotion, though it could just be called "Twilight" as it's ingredients & scent are near identical. I love to pamper myself by slathering it on post shower to layer on the fragrance and encourage a good night's sleep. This was actually a necessary purchase as I have switched from using the very thick Dream Cream (also by Lush) on my face, rather than my body, and was in need a winter skin saviour. I like Sleepy because it's not too thick and sinks into the skin quickly without feeling greasy. This lotion does have a subtle shimmer to it but not enough to make it unsuitable for work!
Lush's Lip Scrubs are hugely popular and I love using the Bubblegum one before applying liquid lipstick to help it last all day. When I saw a purple one with the words "Sugar Plum Fairy" emblazoned on the pot, I had to have a sniff. If you know and love the Comforter bubble bar, you need to check this festive favourite out as it has that same yummy blackcurrant scent and of course flavour. Deliciousness aside, Sugar Plum Fairy has a coarse sugary texture like the other Lush Lip Scrubs and it's also rich with nourishing oils. The result? An effective exfoliator that leaves you lips feeling baby soft.
On to the product I'm most excited to tell you about! What Would Love Do? is a perfume taken from the Volume 4 range. At the Creative Showcase, I was informed that this collection was exclusive to the event and wouldn't be available elsewhere but I like to think they'll pop up somewhere soon, whether it be via the Gorilla Perfume Shop or as this year's Lush Kitchen Christmas perfume releases.
As for this specific perfume, it's just gorgeous. Once spritzed onto my skin it immediately smells like lemon sherbet before moving onto a lavender, floral. To me, it's a beautiful hybrid of Lush perfume's "Love" and my beloved "Twilight". It has a young and fun feel to it and evokes childhood memories of playing in a park in the summer - one bottle just isn't enough.
I love learning the stories which inspired the scent and the anecdote relating to What Would Love Do? is a cute one whereby a customer fell in lust with his therapist whilst having a treatment at the Lush Edinburgh spa. He was nervous and his tummy rumbled before hers grumbled back in return.
I'm kind of cheating by including this last one. I fell in love with Goth Fairy at LCS but didn't buy it and found myself wishing I had! As it is now available in store, I went and picked one up at the first opportunity I had. This shimmer bar melts as you rub it on you skin and moisturises your body, leaving behind silky skin with a gorgeous shimmer thanks to four different coloured lustres. The best thing about Goth Fairy, other than it's super cute appearance, is that it smells good enough to eat. Bergamot and grapefruit provide a fruity fragrance and glitter it leaves behind make it a must-have for the upcoming party season! If Sleepy is my nighttime moisturiser, Goth Fairy is my night out go-to.

That's it for my most recent Lush haul! I'm really happy with the pieces I picked up and am excited to try out some more of the Halloween and Christmas bath bombs in the near future.
What did you pick up from the Creative Showcase? Which items in the Winter collection are you most excited for?

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