Saturday, 15 October 2016

Kat Von D x Debenhams Launch

Beauty lovers, unless you've been living under a rock you will be very aware of the much awaited & long overdue arrival of Kat Von D Beauty in the UK, exclusively at Debenhams. Although the range hit down online in September, just last Saturday was the in-store launch at Debenhams, Oxford Circus. As I was in London anyway following the Collective event and there was the chance to meet Kat herself, my friend Emily and I got in line bright and early.

Arriving at 10:30am, the queue was already very much wrapped around the whole building. It became quickly apparent that KVD & Debenhams had worked hard on this event. There was signage everywhere in the windows, the queue barriers and even the floor. Staff members were floating up and down the queue, chatting to us and of course giving us lovely freebies including KVD merchandise (more on that later), water and vegan lattes to keep us warm.
Despite the cold feet, rain and long wait, the queue-line experience was actually a fun one. I hadn't seen Emily for a while so we had plenty of time to catch up. It was interesting to people watch and check out the amazing make up of fellow fans. Also, when you're stood in the same place for hours, you end up talking to those around you and with members of the public coming up to us regularly to ask what we were queuing for, it made for a rather social day.
After four hours, we got to meet the lady herself and Kat is as stunning as you would expect in real life. After all the anticipation, my mind went blank as to what to say to her & I was also thinking of how many people were left for Kat to meet so didn't want to take up much of her time.
After being greeted with a big hug, I told her how excited I am for the Too Faced collaboration and thanked her for her time - she had been there since 9:30am and didn't leave until 7:00pm, having met in the region of 2,500 of us, some coming from as far as Rome! How someone can manage to be so smiley, warm and positive after such a long day is beyond me but it gave an insight into how much she cares about her fans. Had I had more time I would have asked if she'd been able to visit any of London's vegan restaurants and give her a couple of recommendations.
The in-store decoration for the launch was amazing with a walkway of studded lipstick stickers and giant products dotted around. After waiting that long to meet her, it seemed only right to treat ourselves to some of the products from the Kat Von D collection. Whilst queuing to get into the understandably mobbed concession, we learnt that over one hundred versions of the Lock It Foundation were made before Kat was happy with the formula.
The MUA's for the KVD counters were SO excited and passionate. One told us of how they had a briefing on their first day and weren't expecting to meet Kat but she popped up out of a decorative coffin in the meeting room - how cool is that?! Unfortunately the counters were far too busy to get photos of but they are stunning. Unsurprisingly black, ornate and all designed and hand drawn by Kat, as is the packaging for her products.
I know you were wondering about the goodies we got from the day, so here they are! Whilst waiting we received this awesome vegan biscuit, which was a super buttery-tasting shortbread. We also received two mini Tattoo Liners in the true black shade, Trooper and two mini studded lipsticks in Underage Read, a bright blue-red. Also up for grabs were these cute KVD X Debenhams tote bag to pop all our new things in.
As for the items I actually bought, I opted for the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shades "Mother" and bestseller "Lolita". I really love the formula: it's not drying, it's long-lasting, has very little transfer and of course is cruelty free & vegan. Whilst I love the colours, the only annoying thing is that they are both similar to shades I already own - my mistake for not noticing!

All in all, I had an amazing time at the KVD X Debenhams launch. A massive thank you to Kat, her team and Debenhams for looking after us!
Which Kat Von D products are you excited to try?

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