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Mildreds & Cookies & Scream Vegan Food Review

Aren't men like, impossible to buy presents for? I think so. Juan is no different and rather than buy him something he probably won't want, I decided to take him to London for his birthday and try out some of the city's most popular vegan eateries before heading over to the IMAX to watch Suicide Squad. Vegeterian and vegan restaurant, Mildred's has 3 branches - Soho, Kings Cross and one in Camden. We visited the latter. Situated by the lock, opposite The Diner, it was super easy to find. Despite it being 3pm on a weekday, the restaurant was busy and buzzing.

You'll be beginning to see a pattern in my restaurant review posts but we did indeed start with hummus yet again. This time it was rose harrisa hummus with pinenuts, spicy tempeh and chargrilled flatbread. I was expecting thin, crispy bread but what we were presented with were more like a pitta/naan hybrid, still tasty though. This was my first run=in with tempeh and in this instance it had a sweet kick to it which complimented the nuts and was really delicious. The starter was also served in good time
For main we both chose the Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconut tomato sambal. The waitress was really helpful when it came to me asking for no beans and a rice alternative that didn't involve peas. The sambal looked a bit like a salsa/paste and was served on the side so you could add it for extra spice but for me it was already pretty spicy so I left it out. As I had the beans removed, it felt like there was a lot of sauce and not a lot of sweet potato but it still filled me up and the flavours were fantastic.
Really full, and worrying about how I was going to fit dessert in, we made the short walk to our next stop, the award-winning Cookies and Scream. Located in the main square of the market, right next to the famous Camden Lock sign on Chalk Farm Bridge and marked with a small sign outside - it could be easily missed if you don't know what you're looking for! C&S is in shared building alongside an oriental eatery and vibrant Mexican Folk art shop. There is communal seating shared by all the businesses in the area which create a street food/market feel. The bar at the bakery itself is small and with people queuing up gets cramped really fast. As for what they sell? Cookies and Scream specialise in vegan baked treats such as brownies and blondies but are most famous for their cookie sandwiches and milkshakes.
Cookie flavours include chocolate, double chocolate chip, chilli chocolate and oatmeal, and you can choose ice cream or vanilla frosting for the filling! Juan went for an ice cream one while I opted for the frosting. I wish I could have had a salted caramel milkshake too but there was no way I could stomach it. The sandwiches cost £3.50 which I think is super reasonable if you think about how much a dessert in a restaurant would cost you. The cookies were pretty crunchy and verging on hard but really tasty and I suppose they have to be to hold the sandwich together! I had assumed the frosting would be like that you find on top of a cupcake but thankfully it wasn't that sickly. I'm really glad I tried it but I wasn't wow-ed by the cookie sandwich and would try something different if I were to go back.
Post-movie, we looked for somewhere to have a drink as it was a warm summer's evening and stumbled across The Green Room with a busy garden of deck chairs, bean bags and fairy lights, it looked super cute and welcoming. It just so happened they served a wine on the menu which was labelled as vegan, Cielo Sauvignon Blanc. We enjoyed a glass each, taking in our ambient surroundings before heading home.

Have you eaten at Mildreds or tried anything from Cookies and Scream? Where do you go for vegan food in London?

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