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Lush Creative Showcase 2016

As you'll know from the spamming of the event on my Instagram account, I attended the Lush Creative Showcase earlier in the week with blogging pal, Sophie of Popcorn and Glitter. Having never previously been to Tobacco Docks I was awestruck by the sheer size of the venue - it was like a labyrinth of Lush! Here are my favourite bits.

Due to the huge size, we managed to miss the Gorilla Gallery for Volume 4 of their perfumes. If you've been a reader of The Bell Jar, then you'll know the perfumes are my favourite so I was gutted. We did however pay the stall a visit and tested some of the exclusive new scents. Amongst them was the very floral Amelie Mae, named after Simon Constantine's daughter, a citrus and lavender hybrid called "What Would Love do?", the self explanatory "Cardamom Coffee" which was inspired by Simon's visit to a refugee camp, and an earthy number, "Secret Garden".
Next we headed to the "Where the Magic Happens" section, a huge room with oversized baths, sinks and bowls to see some of the Autumn and Christmas bombs and bubble bars fizz and bubble in action. Here we saw Metropolis, a bath bomb that actually lights up?! The new half-and-half bath bombs you'll see feature one bath bomb and one bath oil half which I thought was a cool new concept. The pink and yellow one is called "Never Mind the Ballistics" (no prizes for guessing which album it's inspired by!) and has a delicious banana and lemon scent. I loved the over-sized bath bombs and shower jellies and how this area looked even more impressive from above.
In true Lush fashion, the spa room was a hands-on experience for all of the senses. First we listened to and watched videos with calming brightly coloured moving shapes and voiceovers explaining the technology used to create the spa products. Did you know composers create music especially for each of the treatments? Our heart rates were taken to assess if we were calm or stressed. We had the option of getting a head massage, which I did. I was hooked up to more machinery which monitored my heart rate and how it lowered whilst my head was being massaged - it started at 83 bpm and fell to 70!
Oh, The Christmas Market - a grotto of festive delights. It was amazing to get a sneak peek at the Halloween and Christmas products before anyone else! The 2016 Winter collection sees the return of some old bath-time favourites such as the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, Snow Angel bath melt and the Magic of Christmas re-usable wand. Some previously released items are back with a new look this year, like Shoot for the Stars bath bomb which now has gold star-shaped oils that float in your bath. As for newbies, there's LOADS. Some of my favourites are the aphrodisiac Mistletoe bath bomb, a citrus-scented Jester bath wand, "Snowie" which is a David Bowie inspired snowman and Autumn Leaf created by Lush Japan and symbolises the lifecycle and different colour stages of a leaf - I could go on!
Lush Christmas definitely isn't all about the bath products, though. Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Ponche and Twilight shower gels are all back, some with matching body lotions and dusting powders. Facial cleanser Buche De Noelle has also return but my skincare favourite has to be Gothic Fairy. This massage bar has a sweet berry scent (think The Comforter) and looks as cute as it's name! I picked up a body lotion which I will be sharing in my Creative Showcase haul, complete with reviews coming soon.
As we arrived later in the day, we missed out on the hair salon set up. We paid a quick visit to room which showcased Lush's ever-growing make up range, including gorgeous metallic pigments and scented nail varnishes in bold, bright shades. Opposite that was The Exclusive shop housing the items which were only available at the event including the t-shirts and tote bags you will have seen plastered all over social media.
Lush even had it's own pub and live music venue for the day. I couldn't believe it when we walked in on spoken word band, listener, just as they were playing my favourite song, Wooden Heart. Had I been able to stay later, I would have stuck around to see Kate Tempest too. There was just so much to see and do and it's easy to see how people spent the whole day there. I had a truly magical time at the Lush Creative Showcase and have my fingers, eyes and toes crossed that they put another one on again in London next year! Stay tuned for my haul post!
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