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Magnitone Barefaced! Review

Having read many a blog post about these little beauty gadgets, I figured there's only one way to find out if the hype is warranted and for the past four months I've been doing just that. Magnitone claim that the Barefaced brush "deep cleanses, empties out pores and tones skin, so it’s well-behaved every day." I've read testimonies of people claiming this product helped alleviate blemishes.

I don't have bad skin per say but there's a few things I'd like to improve on. My complexion is generally normal I tend to get dry patches on my nose and my forehead. The main reason I wanted this exfoliating brush was to help with foundation clinging to my dry bits on my nose. Without make up, I have a bit of redness on my cheeks and am prone to the odd spot which rear their ugly heads around my mouth and chin.

After day one
The parcel arrived and I was so excited to use the brush for the first time. Unfortunately it's recommended that you charge the brush for 12 hours before use to help protect the battery. I managed to contain myself and waited until the next morning. The brush itself is lighter than I anticipated and sits comfortably in the hand. Other than charge it, the only thing you have to do on receipt, is click the brush head into place and you're ready to go - super easy!

Once switched on, you move the Magnitone in circular motions around your t-zone, then cheeks and finishing off with cleansing the neck area. The device beeps at 20 second intervals to let you know it's time to move onto the next section. It's quite difficult to suss out timings the first time of using it so I was going back and forth quite quickly to make sure I didn't run out of time.

After the third beeping sound, the Magnitone turns itself off. I recall reading blog reviews of people saying you could visibly see dirt on your brush but that absolutely wasn't true for me. Magnitone advise to simply clean your brush bristles with warm water and soap, no product and to replace the brush head after around 3 months, both really unhygienic to me. My first impressions were mixed - my skin was super soft but simultaneously stinging. This could be to the area under my eyes being quite sensitive.

After two weeks
In the instructions users are warned that due to the deep cleansing nature of the brush, it can dig up dirt and cause you to have a break out for the first week. I've found I've gained spots in places I wouldn't normally have them - my nose and my forehead, as well as having more blemishes in normal bad areas. I'm mindful of the fact that is around the Christmas/New Year period where I've eaten lots of rich food, drank more alcohol than I normally would and have been ill/run down. My skin definitely feels more soft and smooth but I also feel like my pores look bigger which obviously isn't what I was after!

Due to the smoother and softer nature of my skin, my make up seems to go on better but the dry patches on my nose won't budge. I still feel that just washing the brush under the tap with no product isn't enough so have taken to cleaning it with soap.

After six weeks
I'm still using my Magnitone daily. The dry skin around my nose? A thing of the past. My break outs haven't improved and my pores still seem larger than normal but my make up applies and stays on my face like a dream, with the help of a good primer and setting spray. I've finally had to charge my brush! I'm seriously impressed with how long the charge held. It's advised to charge it up again for 24 hours at a time which seems excessive but when I charged my brush over night, it didn't even last a week.

After 4 months

Now that I've been using my brush for 4 months, not much has changed since week 6. I still use it, purely for the exfoliating properties and thankfully my primer and foundation help blur the appearance of my pores. The replacement brush heads are £15 for a pack of two and therefore a years worth is £30, not bad.

Due to the grievances I have regarding the visibility of my pores and the fact that I believe that since using the Magnitone, I've had more spots, I do wonder if there's a better brush out there for me. For the time being, I'm going to stick with it and eradicate other potential causes of my blemishes to see if that helps.

Have you tried any facial cleansing brushes?

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