Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lush "Angels With Bare Skin" Cleanser Review

I've never really experimented with skincare but since using my Magnitone cleansing brush, I've taken things up a notch. Previously, it shames me to say, I relied solely on a makeup remover and face moisturiser but have now I've invested in a cleanser and toner to add to my regimen. Lush have been my go-to for skincare for the past couple of years and I was really keen to try one of their fresh cleansers.

I was originally drawn to "Let the Good Times Roll" due to the fact it smells like buttery popcorn and/or cake but, on speaking to a member of the Oxford Street team, I was recommended AOBS due to my skin type (combination, dry on my nose and prone to spots and blemishes). Whilst it doesn't smell like cake, it still smells divine. Enriched with lavender oil, rose absolute, almonds, kaoli and chamomile oil, this cleanser has a very different, but equally gorgeous fragrance; a unique lavender-rich and herby floral with a malty undertone which surprisingly also smells good enough to eat.

As Angels on Bare Skin boasts so many fresh and natural ingredients, it's shelf life is relatively short at around 3 months, depending on how long it has been in store before you snap it up, of course. Packaged in Lush's signature black pot, you get 100g which seems really substantial and I was concerned I wouldn't use it up before it's best before date came around. AONB's texture in the pot is similar to play dough. You take a small dollop in your palm and add water to work into a paste before applying to the skin. I bought this cleanser with the intention of using in the shower with my Magnitone. However getting the product the correct consistency - wet, but not too wet that it becomes liquid, proved to be quite fiddly. I also found that cleanser gets wasted so that 100g only lasted around 3 weeks.

Application and wastage woes aside, I love how calming this feels on the skin and the gentle but effective exfoliation from the chunks of almond and lavender is great. Once rinsed, my skin definitely looks brighter, feels silky smooth, moisturised and nourished, it's just a shame about the inevitability of getting bits stuck in my hairline which ends up looking like dandruff. Although I'm in love with what Angels on Bare Skin does to my face, I won't be re-purchasing it without testing for the perfect cleanser. The mess and wastage make the £7 price tag a bit questionable for me...although I will miss that dreamy smell.

Have you tried any of Lush's fresh cleansers? What did you think?

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