Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans "Cocoa Bear" & "Flamethrower" Review

Makeup Geek, the beauty brand on everyone's lips and now you can snap up their goodies over here in the UK. I took to Beauty Bay and picked up two eye shadows, one regular and one foiled pan, to see what all the fuss is about and whether they live up to the hype. The first thing that struck me about these products is the value for money. The former, mere pocket money at £4.95 (half the price of MAC, but without the testing on animals!) & the latter is £7.95, still a steal! An added bonus is that Beauty Bay offer free delivery when you spend £15 AND I ordered at 11:30 on a Friday night and received them around midday that Sunday! It's also noteworthy that these products are paraben free, if that's something you look out for.

The pans arrive sufficiently protected in branded cardboard sleeves. I would order a palette to put them in, if you don't already have one, other wise you'll have trouble when it comes to transportation. Z Palette is proving a popular choice and offer an assortment of sizes and colours, and again are very reasonably priced, I opted for Morphe, also available on Beauty Bay (this post genuinely isn't written in partnership with Beauty Bay! If they did want to collab, I'd have no problem with that though..)
First up, is a warm, matte brown with red undertones. I really like this shade against my pale complexion and dark brown eyes/hair. Cocoa Bear is like chocolate, both in colour and the way in which it melts seamlessly into other shadows - even beginners (like me!) could get this to blend with ease, no drama. One swipe through the product with a brush is enough to get an opaque coverage over the whole lid and there's minimal fall out. Even without a primer, Cocoa Bear lasted a long, hard day of shopping in London in the cold outdoors and humid Underground.

For me, the foiled shadow, Flamethrower stole the show out of the two when it comes to colour. A beautifully sparkly bronzey-copper which also has intense pay off. This one is slightly more prone to fall out and you can kind of see in photos tends to be a bit chunky. It doesn't last quite as long as Cocoa Bear, probably due to it's metallic nature but it still has a fantastic formula. Whilst I love this colour on me, I feel like this would look especially gorgeous on darker, non-white skin tones.
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows are super pigmented, easy to use and long lasting. You get high end quality with a drug store price tag - what's not to love?! It'll come as no surprise that I can't wait to get my hands on some more. Cosmopolitan, Creme Brulee, Unexpected, Twilight have particularly caught my eye. Not to mention the contour and blusher pans also now available.

Have you tried out any Makeup Geek products?
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