Sunday, 24 January 2016

My 2016 Reading Challenge & How I'm Going To Achieve It

Now that my year end posts are done and dusted, it's time to look forward to the exciting year ahead. I was truly spoiled with gifts over Christmas and received a number of books. I thought I'd run you through those and any goals/rules I'm imposing on myself.
"Animal Farm" - George Orwell
"The Thing Around Your Neck" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
"Happiness by Design" - Paul Dolan
"We Were Liars" - E Lockhart
"One Day" - David Nicholls
"Snow White" - Grimm & Garcia
"Girl in a Band" - Kim Gordon
"Alice in Wonderland" - Carroll & Bond

These are all the gorgeous books I was gifted over Christmas - some were already on my wishlist, others the ones I love have picked out for me which I really appreciate! I also have a few I've bought myself but not got round to reading and a number of books of Juan's that I'd like to read.

As you'll know if you've checked out my Top 5 Books of 2015 post, you'll know I missed my annual target of 30 books by 5. However, that hasn't deterred me and this year I'm aiming for 35.

A big contributor as to why I didn't do the full 30 was that I started a couple of books I wasn't really enjoying which meant I put off reading. Going forward, I've made the controversial decision to more readily give up on books I'm not enjoying. Giving up on book was something I used to really frown upon, particularly if it's a classic as I think there must be something wrong with me if I'm not loving something so well loved and highly regarded. Well, life is too short for bad books. It petrifies me that even if the average person reads 1 book a week in adult life, you're looking at around 2000-2500. That sounds like lots but if you think about just how many books there are that you want to read, it's not a nice thought.

Some other things I'd like to focus on reading-wise in 2016 are:
+ Read more books of the horror genre
+ Check out more of Donna Tartt's novels
+ Read all the Harry Potters

Finally, I vow to review every book I complete this year on my blog. Last year, I mainly stuck to the ones I really enjoyed and wanted to scream from the rooftops about but that's about to change so you expect to see book reviews a lot more regularly on The Bell Jar.

What reading goals or rules have you decided to take on for 2016 and what are you going to read?
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