Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lush "Razzle Dazzle" Bath Oil Review

Another day, another Lush review, of course! I don't know about you, but to me it seems like bath bomb prices have been creeping up. When I visited the Oxford Street branch last October, I thought I'd try out a bath oil. I'd never tried one, these tend to be around the £2 mark and also, with it being winter and all, any product that's going to give my body any additional moisturising, I'm all for it. Since I picked this product up, it's been rolled out to all stores and available on the website.

So, Razzle Dazzle is a metallic hot pink in colour and described as having a raspberry ripple scent. To me, it smells like sweeties, either way it's fragrance is delicious and a particular hit with me as far as I know, it's a new scent and there isn't any other products which shares it. The ingredients cocktailed together to make this pretty aroma are bergamot, lime and violet leaf oil.
You may be familiar with the "Related Products" feature on the webite which suggests other items you may be interested in based on what you're looking at. For this bath oil, Sweet Pie shower jelly is recommended which I completely agree with as it's fruity and sweet. I think Razzle Dazzle would also be a winner with any Snow Fairy fans.

Lush bath oils are designed to soften at body temperature and on popping into the bath it slowly, slowly melts away. As it dissolves, the oils leave a marbled pretty pink trail. Considering the price and the size, I didn't anticipate the water changing colour but my bath went a soft candy pink colour with a silver glittery sheen - why have I been spending a fiver on bath bombs again?!
My only gripe with Razzle Dazzle is that the oil clings to the skin. Once I'd got out the bath I could feel it congealed on my legs and back and when I ran a finger over it I could see it collecting under my nail which I really really didn't enjoy! If I were to use a bath oil again (and judging by the number of gorgeous sounding ones now available, I will), I'd definitely have a quick rinse in the shower and ensure I've scrubbed all the oil off. Residue aside, my skin did feel soft and moisturised which is no surprise due to the product also being made up of coconut oil, jojoba oil as well as shea and cocoa butter.

This product has been in the limelight since an article when the story of a girl, who used it incorrectly, found her skin dyed pink. I used it as prescribed and neither my bath nor skin were dyed.
Have you tried any Lush bath oils yet?
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