Saturday, 9 January 2016

December in Photos

December was 50% amazing and 50% illness! I felt run down and dizzy for one week, then had a stinking cold for the next one, followed by unexplained, but thankfully temporary, abdominal pains for a few days. This meant a lot of my exciting plans got cancelled and also that very little happened in the way of blogging but I'm feeling better now and I still took part in lots of festive fun!
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1. The month started out with me treating myself to a new tattoo. This tattooed heart is number six and done by the lovely Aimee-Lou in Guildford.

2. I've touched on my obsession with Winter Wonderland many times on my blog. Juan and I got there a bit later than planned but still had enough time to do all of our favourite things - visit the Carousel bar for a drink, ride a rollar-coaster and have a Jager-bomb and sing-along at the Bavarian Village.

3. I attended my first baby shower! In just a couple of weeks I become an auntie for a second time which is super exciting. We played some fun games and just look at the cake.

4. As most of you will know, I started a new job relatively recently so this was my first work party with that company and it was so much fun. I got glitzed up with an ASOS sequin skater dress, the holly hair clip from Crown and Glory (which disappeared off the face of the Earth on Christmas Eve and hasn't reappeared yet) and some red lipstick.

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5. As 2015 was Juan and I's first Christmas whilst living together, I was really excited to start our own Christmas traditions. Growing up, my family always had Fish & Chips for dinner on Christmas Eve so this is something we decided to adopt and accompanied it with watching Elf and drinking Prosecco!

6. Although I only made it to 2 out of 5 of my Christmas celebrations, I'm super glad I could make it to this one. A group of 11 of us went to All Bar One for tapas and prosecco.

7. Christmas Day saw us go to my Dad's and it was lovely and busy - there was 12 of us! I had my first non-meat Christmas dinner which actually turned out to be vegan. We played a heated game of The Logo Game and I drank too much champagne...

8. Yes, another AMAZING cake from Loaded Cakes. This time saying Bon Voyage to my little sister, who has gone travelling around South East Asia until March. I miss her and am jealous of her in equal amounts!

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What did you get up to in December?
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