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2015 Favourites: Music

I LOVE annual summary posts, writing and reading them, that is. Like last year, I'm going to do my 2015 favourites posts, starting with music. I vowed to listen to more new music this year and as I spend a lot of my working life with ear phones in, I've got to love a few new firm favourites.

5. Girlpool - Before The World Was Big
I learnt about this band in the least cool way, ever. I bought Cosmopolitan magazine (feminist friends, before you wonder what's happened to me, it was solely to cut pictures out of for my scrapbook, promise!) which featured an article about female fronted bands and Girlpool was one of them and from there, this album became one of my soundtracks for the summer. Before The World Was Big is Girlpool's second album and keeps up the bands signature simple sound of just 2-3 chords per song, teamed with school girl style vocals. This album has a more mature sound against it's predecessor, potentially as the ongoing theme is the anxiety and apprehension that comes with entering adulthood and moving away from home, a theme I can very much relate to.
4. Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit
I didn't want to like this. In fact I only put it on ready to rip into how much like Linkin Park it sounded...and it backfired. It's just so catchy and hey, if you like Linkin Park, then why wouldn't you like it? Yes, I miss the "Suicide Season" days but the latest album is awesome and I can't wait to hear some of it live with a full orchestra at Royal Albert Hall in April.
3. Purity Ring - Another Eternity
This is such a calming and ethereal album. The songs on Another Eternity, the Canadian duo's second release, are indeed formulaic - there's no surprises and they haven't ventured far from the sound of their first album. No problem there for me as it's plinky synth and high vocals, make me question whether it was actually created by fairies and unicorns.
2. Laura Marling - Short Movie Directors Cut
Interestingly, I loathed this the first few times I heard it. Miss Marling hales from a very local town and I was mortified that since making the moving State Side she'd adopted an American accent. Thankfully I stuck with it and learnt that Short Movie is definitely a grower. On her fifth album, Marling swaps her acoustic guitar, in exchange for an electric one and the result is a slightly more upbeat sound but ultimately keeping with the folksy, indie sound she is renowned for. The song topics seem pretty similar to that of her previous album, I Was An Eagle, only it's just not quite as perfect. Stand out tracks are "Strange" and "Gurdjeff's Daughter".
1. Wolf Alice - My love Is Cool
After hearing and loving "You're A Germ" on the radio, I had to hear more and I was both surprised and doe-eyed by what the first full album has to offer. My Love is Cool is a eclectic hybrid of soft folksy lullabies, indie-pop and at grungey vocals and riffs with which I fall more in love with every listen. What an exciting time for British music.

Other favourites: Jamie xx - In Colour, Halsey - Badlands , Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes, Justin Bieber - Purpose & Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor.

Here's my playlist rounding up the best of 2015 in songs!

If you're intrigued as to what I was loving in 2014, head over here for 2014 in music.

What did you love listening to last year?
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