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2015 Favourites: Film

Most of my film watching in the past 12 months has been at home and those new-to-me weren't new to 2015. That being said, the majority of the ones I did manage to get to the cinema to see, were incredible so choosing my favourite five was actually pretty easy.

5. Cobain: Montage of Heck
I adored the format of this Annie Award nominated documentary film about the Nirvana front man, which flitted between home recording and videos of Kurt himself, journal excerpts, interviews with those who knew him and the occasional use of cartoon. The film barely mentions his death but rather focusses on an seemingly genuine portrayal of what Kurt Cobain was like as a person: Nirvana front man, friend, son and family man - the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly. Montage of Heck is heart warming, fascinating and refreshing as unlike other documentaries it doesnt't seem to have a hidden agenda such as the likes of other documentaries about the 90's grunge icon.
4. The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2
The final chapter in the Hunger Games franchise sees Katniss & Snow's ultimate showdown - who will wipe out who first and at what cost? Throw in a plethora of deadly traps and it's like a whole new version of the Hunger Games, this time participating on the streets of the Capitol.
Having heard pretty negative reviews of the finale, I wasn't very hopeful, and perhaps that paid off because I actually thoroughly enjoyed it (obviously, or it wouldn't have made it onto this list!). I really like how the climax of the story transferred to the big screen and in fact the only thing I didn't like, was how it closed off (I won't expand on that so as to not spoil it for anyone).
3. Jurassic World
The long, long awaited fourth installment of the series and wasn't it worth the 14 year gap?! Jurassic World is Jurassic Park on steroids: a gigantic theme park open to the public, filled with bigger, badder, scientifically engineered dinosaurs (and obviously improved CGI) with the all too familiar premise of dinosaurs escaping and chaos ensuing. Chris Pratt plays another humorous and likeable character - if you were a fan of him as Quill in Guardians of the Galazy, you'll like him again here. I've got a lot of time for underlying message hint at criticism of Sea World, zoos and keeping animals in captivity - an idea that doesn't get nearly enough coverage in blockbuster movies.
2. Cinderella
I am one of those people irritated by the volume of films being shown at cinemas which are remakes or sequels but as a sucker for Disney, I simply couldn't let this revamp pass me by and I fell in love with this one. From the adorable Lily James as Cinders to the beautiful costumes to the sheer evil stepmother played masterfully by Cate Blanchett - 2015's Cinderella is enchanting. The plot differs very little from the original which is just fine by me.
1. Inside Out
Oh, gosh. This movie. Disney & Pixar? Check. Amy Poehler & Bill Hader? Check. In true Pixar spirit, there's an adorable short film before the movie starts. This one is called Lava about a lonely Volcano and features an incredibly catchy song. As for the main event, the concept of Inside Out is genius,imaginative and truly inspired.
Inside Out follows a girl named Riley as she grows up with the help of the characters, or emotions, in her brain - Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. They control her feelings, actions and reactions, as well as managing her memories i.e. storing away her good, bad and core ones. These memories help keep the "islands" inside Riley up and running. There's an island for each of the things that make up her personality - friendship, honesty, family, hockey, and my personal favourite, being a goofball. However, there's a big shake up when Riley's family moves house and everything changes and Sadness takes over.This laugh-out-loud emotional roller-coaster is a huge hit with kids and nostalgic grown ups alike.

Runners Up: Chappie, Ex Machina and Sinister 2
Previous Favourites: 2014

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