Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lush 2015 Festive Favourites

Now that I've tried out the things I bought at the Lush Reading Winter Event, I thought I'd share my favourites from this years collection. I nly bought things I haven't bought in previous years but my favourite recurring products are listed at the bottom.

Lets start with Bar Humbug. I'm really surprised this came home with me, let alone make it onto this list. You see, Bar Humbug bubble bar is liqourice-scented and I really don't like aniseed/liqourice. However, the fragrance has another spicy, almost minty note to it which I found intriguing. Due to it's visual similarities to old favourite The Comforter and Ultraviolet from Spring, I wanted to give it a try.
I'll get my one gripe out of the way - against the other bubble bars it's quite small so I'd say you get one less bath out of it which isn't reflected in the price. As you can tell from my photo I used half a Bar for my bath and had plenty of bubbles. It turned the water a pretty purple with glitter-a-plenty and not only was liqourice aspect of the smell undistuingishable in the bath but I found it to be a unique Lush scent. In amongst a sea of products which share the same or similar smells, that's an extra bonus for me.
The face masks I've opted for from Lush previously (Love Lettuce, BB Seasweed and Mask of Magnaminty haven't had unpleasant fragrances, but the sharp, fruity scent of Cranberry makes a deliciously refreshing change. When I think of the ways in which my skin suffers in December, I can see exactly why this mask is one for the winter holiday season. Thanks to the cold outdoors and the harsh heating inside, my skin can look a bit sad. It's also the season for indulgence whether it be alcohol, chocolate, rich foods or all of the above, but Cranberry has got your back (or face?), with it's antioxidant cranberries (obviously), deeply cleansing fennel seed and nourishing argan oil.

I'm a big fan of the texture of this mask, it's smooth for the most part - there are chunks of cranberry but it's like a soft paste which feels really gorgeous on the face. On removing it, my face was noticably brighter and definitely felt softer and smooth. I've loved using this before getting ready for a night out as it's mattefying so helps prep the skin before applying make up. As my nose and forehead are a bit on the dry side and this mask isn't especially moisturising, I do feel the need to slather on some Skin Drink moisturiser on post-face mask/pre-make up. I think it's pretty awesome that despite it being a Christmas-only product, it's still part of the 5 empty pot swap deal so, grab it while you can!

Oh, Yognog. Sweet, creamy Yognog. I fell head over heels for this fragrance last year, thanks to the soap. When I discovered a bath bomb had been released it was music to my ears and I picked one up at the first opportunity. Clove bud oil, ylang ylang oil, soya milk powder, coconut oil & jojoba oil creat this rich and dreamy, toffee-like aroma.

Appearance wise, this bomb is pretty cute. Simple in colour - white and goldy-yellow bands with Christmas themed shapes patterned over it and adorned in a generous coat of glittery lustre. Once you pop it in the bath, you'll notice there's solid chunks of shea butter meaning this bomb fizzes super slow but is also partially a bath melt and lasts ages - do not use this one if you're in a rush. Can we just go back and look at that list of ingredients? Oil after oil teamed with shea butter? This feels absolutely divine on the skin, so so moisturising. The colour goes to that goldy-yellow colour that unfortunately a lot of Lush bath products have despite it resembling, you know, wee. But I am so crazy for everything else about this product that I can look past that pretty easily.

Other products I still would love to try are Buche de Noele face cleanser as it smells beautiful and I'm also pining for the cinnamon scented Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand despite not hearing great reviews.

In terms of products that are back from previous years, my favourites are Rose Jam Shower Gel, Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar, Shoot For The Stars Bath and Lush Luxury Pud Bath Bombs!

What are your Lush Festive Favourites?

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