Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Decorations

As it's our first Christmas in our new(ish) home, I've been excited about decorating our Christmas since about July. When one of my best friends asked me if I'd be doing a Christmas version of the Halloween Homeware post I did, I hadn't even thought about it but it seemed like a no-brainer!

With Christmas tree, comes great responsibility. Firstly, you have make the real vs faux decision. After weighing up the pros and cons we settled on a synthetic tree with lights already attached as it was most cost effective and left the majority of our budget to go on the important parts - sparkly baubles! Luckily, all the decorations I picked out were gold, silver or red and so the colour scheme was sort of chosen for me.

Toadstool baubles - Tesco
When I ordered the tree online, I also popped these cute little toadstools in my basket and at 50p a piece, they were a steal! I was pleasantly surprised by the choice available at Tesco.
Single baubles - The Range
We visited The Range having heard great things about their Christmas collection but was left pretty unwhelmed and went home with only these three decorations which were £1.29 each.
Feather bauble - Next
I picked up this gorgeous feather-filled number in Next. This one has quite a luxe feel so I was surprised it had such a reasonable price tag.
Santa - M&S
Onto M&S where I plumped for this vintage-looking Santa. He reminds me of the novelty shaped festive chocolate you can get.
Crystal Tree Decorations - M&S
We had some similar decorations on my family home Christmas tree and I love the way they catch the light. Also, we needed small decorations to fill up the top of the tree and these are perfect for that job.
Glitzy mistletoe bauble - Tesco
Back to Tesco, this time in store where they had 3 for 2 on single Christmas decorations. The glitzy mistletoe bauble caught my eye straight away.
Snowflake - Tesco
For the second one to go in the deal, I picked another snowflake to go with the one we'd bought from The Range.
Stocking - Tesco
The freebie was Juans choice - a little red stocking. The only one he chose and also the only one he placed on the tree. In the wrong place though, so I had to move it. I bet I'm not alone in being protrctive of my tree's appearance!
Gold and silver assorted bauble boxes - Tesco
I was determined not to buy any big boxes, but we just couldn't find enough single ones we liked to cover the tree. These are quick and easy to bulk out the gaps and with 40 decorations in three different variations of colour and mix of sizes they turned out to be a good investment for £5 each! I'm a fan of the fact that they're plastic and therefore less likely to get broken!
Unicorn Tree Decorations - Paperchase
I saved my favourite until last! If you follow me on Instagram you'll already have seen these incredible unicorn decorations complete with glitter and a tiny silver chain for reigns.

Here's the end result!
I haven't found any other round the house bits I like just yet. I'll be checking out what Homesense have to offer. I'm really hoping I can find a cute count down board and I'm sure I'll pick up some festively scented candles!

Where do you buy your Christmas decorations?

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