Sunday, 15 November 2015

Lush Reading Winter 2015 Event

I've made a serious start on Christmas presents and booked in my plans for December already. I know this is a situation that really divides people but I'm feeling pretty festive and then this was only amplified by a trip to Reading last week which saw me buy my first Christmas decorations. Naturally, they were unicorns.
The real reason I was in town was to attend the Lush Reading Winter 2015 event and it was one I was really excited about. We were invited into store after closing hours for some Shloer, mince pies, (dare I say it) Christmas music and essentially a VIP shopping experience with ample shop assistants on hand to tell us all about the Winter range and answer any questions.
We got called together for a blogger selfie and if you've seen it, I look like the MOST AWKWARD PERSON that ever lived. I was having fun, promise. You may remember from last year, the adorable looking and bloody marvellous smelling Snowman shower jelly? Well, on display they had a massive one! It was so satisfying to jiggle and wobble him around, probably not practical for the shower, mind.
The range is pretty similar to last year which is kind of bitter sweet - there's ample in there I love and have picked up again but there's not as many new things to try out. That being said, I didn't, by any means, leave empty handed. I was relatively well behaved but so could have come away with more.
I had 10 empty pots to recycle and swap for face masks. I opted for Love Lettuce and the winter exclusive, Cranberry. After seeing so many people rave about it and as I was in face mask mode, I also picked up Cup o' Coffee. Of course, I also bought a collection of bath bombs and bubble bars! Firstly, as he loves citrus scents, I chose Golden Wonder for Juan as well as Shoot For The Stars, as he is into his space stuff. After obsessing over Yog Nog soap last year, I had to buy it in bath bomb form for myself. So we get to try out multiple things, I got Bar Humbag and although not a festive one, The Big Bang bubble bars to share.

Thanks Lush Reading, for a lovely evening and keep an eye out for lots of Lush reviews coming here soon.

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