Saturday, 7 November 2015

5 Times I've Been Proud Of My Blog

After a quick unplanned break, I'm back! Last week I was super busy with Halloween and I ended up feeling pretty run-down, uninspired and lacking motivation. This wasn't helped by seeing some of my favourite bloggers, who in my mind, are super successful (thousands of followers, paid work, award winners, get to travel with their blog etc etc) posting or tweeting about how they don't feel good enough. I have to say, I read these at a bad time and laughed out loud - if these people feel they suck, why am I even bothering?! Rather than put out posts that I wasn't in the mood to write, for the sake of keeping to my schedule, I chose to give myself a week off to recoup.

To get back into the swing of things and in attempt to spread some positivity, I wanted to share why I'm proud of my blog as a reminder to both myself and others that we all have some awesome achievements under our belts.I am by no means bragging, nor saying that there aren't days where I think "nobody reads this", "my photography sucks" and "I'd have sooo much free time if I didn't blog" but we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves.

Lord only knows, a blogger's job is never done. If we aren't writing posts then we're commenting on other peoples posts, taking part in Twitter chats, attending events, editing photos, replying to emails, scheduling tweets, taking photos or planning what we're going to publish and when and I, for one, think we need to give ourselves a bit of credit. Whilst it's great we all strive for more and want to have all the followers, get sent all the products to review and be able to blog full time, we need to remembre blogging requires so many different and positive skill sets and characteristics - writing, designing, photography, editing, marketing, preseverence, confidence, creativity and dedication. It's pretty cool that we exercise all these skills regularly, right? So let's celebrate it!

5. Reaching 200 Bloglovin Followers
5. This happened just yesterday and is an incredibly small milestone to most but against my other social media platforms, I struggle when it comes to increasing my BL following. I'm really chuffed to have reached it!

4. My "When I Grow Up I Want To Be" Post
This post was one I was nervous about posting. I was surprised to receive a lot of positive feedback - one of my friend's aunties even read it! Having friends and people you respect say they can relate to something you've written or saying it helped them in some way is an amazing feeling.

3. Being invited to events
If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll have established I'm a big Lush fan. So the fact that I've been invited back for my 5th Lush Reading blogger event tomorrow is super exciting, fun and something I'm really grateful for. I've also been to a few others including a truffle making work shop and a Bare Minerals event which were awesome.

2. Being featured in other bloggers' posts
Having people read and rgularly comment on my posts is really great. Getting featured on other blogs because they enjoyed reading mine is insanely flattering, especially as these are all blogs I read and love - thank you Underland to Wonderland, Brianne Etc, Libfem, Becky Bedbug and Lovely Witches for mentioning me! MASSIVE apology if I've missed anyone out.

1. Receiving a special comment
One of my favourite posts I've written and am most proud of, before I'd even pressed "Publish" was this book review of Marina Keegan's "The Opposite of Loneliness". Never in a million years did I expect a member of her family to A) read it B) comment on it or C) like it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this wonderful comment from her brother. Unfortunately it got deleted when I moved my blog over to it's new domain but it's something I'll always remember.

What blogging achievements are you most proud of?
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