Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wishlist: October 2015

The "Get to a point where I’m happy with my wardrobe" goal on my 101 in 1001 list has been on my mind whilst deciding how to spend my money over the past few weeks and that's reflected in this months wishlist. I sold a lot of my clothes before I went travelling and since coming home have been buying too many plain and black things. I've also had horrendous luck with faulty items and finding things that fit how I like but slowly and surely I'm getting a collection of pieces I'm really happy with. Judging by the colour palette of this list, I feel like I'm doing OK!

1.Cord Borg Jacket - Topshop
I am so welcoming of the return of cord as a trend, it's a cute fabric. I love that this jacket is lined inside for extra warmth and there's a skirt to match. I'll let you into a secret - in between the time of drafting and publishing this post, I've gone and bought this already!

2.Cup 'O Coffee Face Mask - Lush
Is it just me or is everybody everywhere going nuts over this? I've got a whopping 10 empties ready to swap for face masks and considering coffee is not a smell or drink I like, I'm still going to be opting for this as it's ideal for break outs and also for exfoliating noses which are dry from wintery weather!

3. False lashes pin - Sara Lyons
Now that I have a leather, suede and cord jacket I have a lot of room for decorating and personalising them and have been on pin and patch binges. Sara's are super cute - I've already bought the pink witches hat (and managed to lose the back?!) and I have this dinky lash one in mind to add to my collection next.

4. Born This Way foundation - Too Faced
I've been using the same foundation for quite some time now and I feel like my skin has got too used to it and there could be something better out there for me. Again, the beauty babes seem to be singing this products praises so I'm keen to test it myself. Born This Way is to designed to moisturise, radiate and mask imperfections whilst being subtle.

5. "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" - Jenny Han
I've previously read and enjoyed one of Jenny Han's books and with it's cute cover and and teeny title this bit of young adult fiction sounds right up my street too.

6. Eugenie Pom Pom Earrings - Rock 'n Rose
Blue is a colour I so very rarely indulge in and yet this is the second item of that colour on my wishlist. I think these earrings are so tacky, fun and could brighten up any Winter outfit.

7. "Nobody Wants to be my friend" Baseball Tee - Lazy Oaf x Casper
The perfect top for a Halloween cinema trip and would look fab teamed with a button down denim skirt. I love the pastels and cute print.

8. My Little Pony Holographic Bag - Iron Fist
Although I love their new Fall collection, I'm still pining for this bag from their last collection. It's vegan, big enough for my needs and will go with most outfits. Plus it's My Little Pony!

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