Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lush "Rose Jam" & "Twilight" Limited Edition Fragrances Review

It's one of the biggest dates in a Lush lover's calendar, on par with the Boxing Day sale and Christmas reveal. I'm referring of course, to the limited edition Lush fragrances (LELFs) released around Christmas (albeit pretty early this year) and available in both solid and liquid form.

Last year, was the first year of them being available via Lush Kitchen, the home of small batches of products released daily and not available in shops. It was also my first involvement with the excitement of the LELFs. I treated myself to two bottles - Lord of Misrule of Halloween fame you might recall the bathbomb is an old favourite of mine. The other being the fruity cocktail and also a much loved bubble bar, The Comforter.

It sounds magical so far, right? But buying them was a battle as the website struggled to handle the traffic. On arrival I found the scents (these were liquid) were VERY overpowering and pretty dissimilar from their derivative products. LOM was SO strong it gave me a headache and to this day I cannot stand that fragrance in any form, which sucks. The Comforter was very sweet but that gorgeous berry-like scent was lost. Then there was the "gap" debacle as the bottles weren't filled to the top and Lushies felt product was missing. Customers were compensated with bubble bars of the perfume they purchased which was a great gesture but I ended up selling my fragrances on.

Back to 2015, there were 5 rounds of head to heads made up of popular products and we, the customers, got to vote for our favourites. The winners were:
American Cream
A dreamy conditioner including strawberry, vanilla & lavender.

Lavender, tonka and ylang ylang make up this very popular pastel bathbomb.

Rose Jam
It shares the same sweet floral scent of Rose Jam shower gel and bubbleroon & Ro's Argan Conditioner. This preservative is cooked up using lemon, rose oil, vanilla and goji berries.

The only LELF based on a new product, the Disney inspired bathbomb a fresh and floral dose of neroli, rose and grapefruit.

Honey I Washed the Kids
A creamy caramel soap boasting honey, orange and bergamot in its ingredients.

From these finalists, I was most interested in were Twilight and Rose Jam also in liquid form and I had my laptop at the ready at 8am sharp. The website crashed. Ferociously. It took me 30 minutes of error messages and pages not loading to finish checking out my basket. The postage is automatically set to next day delivery which I find super cheeky! I clicked standard delivery and all the other changes I made loaded but when I received my confirmation email I'd been charged £7 for next day - not cool.

I took to Twitter and was eventually advised to email customer care who would refund me. I contacted them explaining what happened and was told there was no errors with the website and I wouldn't receive a refund - really not cool. What annoyed me even more is everyone else received their perfumes the next day anyway so why even offer next day? I was grateful to have grabbed the things I wanted but still feel pretty ripped off.

The good news is it was just about worth it. Twilight and Rose Jam arrived and I ADORE them both. They smell identical to the products we all know and love, last fantastically and I wish I'd stocked up on more! Feeling sad you missed out? Keep checking the Lush Kitchen Facebook page and twitter account because there's going to be a second chance to pick up these beauties in liquid or solid form! All perfumes are vegan, yippee!
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