Saturday, 17 October 2015

Halloween Homeware

Two weeks to go until the big day! That means it's a decent time for me to talk about decorations, right? When you're the owner of a vintage ouija board, collect taxidermy & have a general fascination with the macabre, your home can have a tendency to look Halloween-ready all year round. That being said, there's just about room in our flat for a few seasonal extras. Last weekend we went decoration shopping and I was surprised by how much I found that I really liked and wasn't ridiculously tacky.
Musical skeleton snow globe - TK Maxx
I'm such a sucker for a snowglobe; I find them really aesthetically pleasing. Home Sense and TK Maxx had about 5 variations of ghoulish globes and after much delibaration I opted for this wind up musical box one with silver skeletons and black "snow".
Ghost cookie cutter - Home Sense
One of my favourite things to do around Halloween is bake so this ghost was a must. I thought it was cool that the packaging included recipes for different type of biscuits and decorating ideas.
Glitter pumpkins - Tesco
Tacky but...glitter nd they kind of go with my theme without being too novelty. Plus they set me back a measly £1 each so, how could I resist?

Beaded skull garland - Home Sense
Reading blogs introduced me to Home Sense and their bargain candles but I didn't realise there was one locally or that they would have a gold mine of cute Halloween decorations. I had to show some restraint but these skulls had to come home with me.
Dark and Mysterious candle - Homesense
We did already have little skull tea light holders but can you ever have too many candles? It has a pretty decorative box and a black candle holder. Labelled as pomegranate tea, it's gorgeous and you can't really pin point any specific notes - I'd just describe it as fruity and musky, hence the name perhaps.
Skull goblets and pitcher - Tesco
These amazing goblets were a sweet bargain at £1 a piece and ideal for the cocktails I will be making for the weekend long Halloween themed sleepover I'm having with one of my best girly friends.
Disney plates and bowls - Tesco
Speaking of the themed sleepover, I probably got a bit too carried away but I needed something to plate up our Halloween treats and these Minnie bits are too cute.
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