Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 New Horror Releases to Watch This Halloween

I LOVE the horror genre; I find it so fun scaring myself silly. For that reason I always get super excited about all the films & TV series' appearing on the big screen or my home screen around Halloween. Against previous years, I have to say, I feel 2015 is somewhat lacking - there's a number of movies on at the cinema but most just aren't catching my attention. BUT I’ve done the hard work and found the ones I reckon are worth watching.

5. Cooties
You may have to read this twice to let it all sink in but Cooties is an independent movie, starring Elijah Wood and the plot surrounds a zombie infection which breaks out in an American elementary school after a pupil eats a black splotchy chicken nugget. It sounds like the perfect budget comedy horror film! Unsurprisingly it’s being released straight to DVD in the UK and will be available to buy from October 12th.

4. Prince Charles Halloween Event
If you’re not the partying kind but still like to dress up and enjoy the occasion then perhaps on the evening of Halloween you’ll be better off at the Prince Charles cinema in London for their horror all nighter. Visiting this cinema has been on my to-do list for about 3 years, as they show all kinds of films new and old and it attracts die hard fans who often dress up to sing, laugh or cheer along, making the atmosphere amazing. Rumour has it they have “ninjas” dressed in black morph suits ready to tell chatty viewers off! The line up for this marathon is: Halloween The Texas Chainsaw Massacare, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining & The Exorcist aka the most iconic films of the horror genre, ever.

3. Insidious: Chapter 3
After a brief stint in UK cinemas, Chapter 3, the Insidious prequel, is available to buy on DVD from October 12th. Judging by the trailer, it is formulaically in line with the other two in the series – psychic Elise helps a young girl haunted and possessed by the supernatural. I watched the first one in the cinema and it was one of the most frightening cinematic experiences I've had. Here's hoping number three matches it!

2. American Horror Story: Hotel
My love for the Murder House and Asylum series as well as Evan Peters means that when it comes to TV series' AHS is a firm favourite. The Hotel has the new addition of Lady Gaga to the cast, the creepiest looking opening sequence yet which is making me feeling slightly calmer about the fact that Jessica Lange isn't set to feature in the fifth series. I'm also super excited to see Lily Rabe play serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

1. Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension 3D
I’m the first to admit, I’m not a fan of the any PA films - they sucked. I don’t think I even bothered with 4 or 5. So, when I watched a trailer that I was excited about and discovered it was in fact the sixth Paranormal Activity, I was gobsmacked. It’s got all the ingredients for a solid contemporary scare. Creepy child? Tick. Old video tapes? Tick. Found footage filming? Tick. Ghost Dimension looks terrifying and I think the 3D aspect will only add to that. Bring it on!

Since I drafted this post, Scream, a Netflix original series based on the classic slasher movie of the same name, has become available to watch. I've only seen Episode 1 so far and it's been updated and given a modern twist. I'll definitely be going back for more so that's another one to check out!

What will you be watching this Halloween?
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