Saturday, 3 October 2015

15 Reasons I love Autumn & Winter

Winter’s coming. Sorry, I’m newly into and quickly catching up on Game of Thrones and had to throw that in a blog post, just once. I’ve seen a few posts of a similar nature posted by some of my favourite bloggers, really enjoyed reading them and decided I'd like to put in my two cents.

As the days get shorter and colder, I can’t help but worry about the decrease in Vitamin A and the impact the darker seasons historically tend to have on my mental health. To keep my (and anyone else in a similar boat) spirits high, I wanted to remind myself of all the wonderful things these seasons bring. Spoiler: things are about to get very Halloween and Christmas heavy.
1. Lush Releases
This time of year is a treasure trove for the many many Lush fans out there. With the Halloween and Christmas collections already rolled out it’s time to choose your side: Rose Jam or Snow Fairy. I've already got a list of all the goodies I want to buy.

2. Snug sleepwear
Chucking on your cosy pyjamas and fleecy slipper socks after being out in the cold – heaven!

3. Cinnamon
Whether we’re talking biscuits, cakes, beauty products or candles, I cannot get enough.

4. Costa’s Winter Menu
Costa’s white hot chocolate is just to die for and I love the Winter themed sweet treats, too.

5. Fancy Dress
My friend Emily and I had decided what we were dressing up as for Halloween at the beginning of September. I can't wait for my outfit to finally arrive (why are the majority of depop sellers so rubbish?!).

6. Halloween movie marathons & cinema visits
As a horror movie fan, it’s the best time of year for cinema visits and DVD releases; Keep your eyes peeled for my Halloween viewing list going live on the blog on Wednesday!

7. Winter Wonderland
I’ve been excited for this since July. Pretty lights, mulled cider, the Bavarian village, cheesy fairground rides and the gigantic Christmas market - I cannot wait to return for my fourth year.
8. Party wear
These seasons see high street shops rammed with beautiful clothes adorned in velvet(the prettiest fabric ever), sequins, glitter, lace and embellishments.

9. Bonfire Night
It's so much fun to wrap up warm and going to watch pretty displays and play with sparklers.

10. Watching Elf
“Bye Buddy, hope you find your Dad”, “SANTA, I KNOW HIM” etc etc etc. It's my favourite Christmas film.

11. Decorating the Christmas tree
It’s our first Christmas in our little flat and I'm so excited about buying our own baubles, tinsel and lights to make our home look festive.

12. Shopping is less depressing
In summer it’s near impossible to purchase tops that aren’t cropped so I welcome AW fashion and the abundance of long jumpers and standard length tops (when I'm not wearing my party wear, duh!)

13. Blogging
I know the majority of bloggers curse this time of year due to the short daily window where photos can be taken but I actually prefer it. In sunny months, I feel like a day inside is a day wasted and my weekends are spent socialising at BBQ’s or going on picnics. In the winter I can stay inside, guilt-free and blog my heart out.

14. Chocolate Yule Log
Marks and Spencer’s one if we’re being specific. It’s so rich and fudgy.

15. Seeing family and friends
I know I just said I like staying indoors, but Christmas and New Year see’s everyone get together, often with people you don't get to see all the time and I love that, especially if there’s a Secret Santa involved.

What do you like and Autumn and and Winter?
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