Saturday, 24 October 2015

101 in 1001: October 2015 Update

I can't believe I'm already over 152 days into this challenge! A couple have been scrapped and changed. For example, I've learnt I'd actually really really rather not become an Assistant Merchandiser so that has changed to "Find a career I want & get it". It's definitely time for a catch up to see what I've managed to achieve so far!


Clear the last of my debt.

This referred to overdrafts, family debt etc and not including my student loan and I did it! I'm slowly getting slightly better at managing my money too which is a relief.

Vote in the General Election.
It seems like ages ago now but I did indeed vote. It's a shame about the outcome but at least I made my voice heard.

Save up for and buy a new car.
I'm really chuffed I managed to cross this off so early on. My new little car should be with me in a month and it's super exciting!

Contact an old friend I've lost contact with.
Without this list in mind, I've done this. It's a great feeling to talk to someone you used to see every day after having not spoken to or seen them for nearly 10 years!

Get a swab done.
Done, dusted and thankfully came back normal. If you're reading this, of age and haven't done so yet. PLEASE do, it's not that scary and we're fortunate to be able to get one done for free - make the most of it.


Make scrapbooks/photo albums for travelling.

Very much in progress I wanted to get my South America ones completed so I could crack on with 2010ish onwards. I have a lot of catching up to do!


Reach 500 followers on Instagram.

Historically, I found it really difficult to increase my Instagram following and I wasn't sure if I'd ever reach 500 in 1001 days but I've upped my game, learnt a few tricks and I've already smashed this goal. Bring on my next milestone of 1000 followers!

Write a personal post.
Oh yes, I felt very nervous about posting it but thankfully it went down pretty well - you can read it here. There's definitely posts of a similar nature in the pipeline.

Write a guest post for another blog.
I've been interviewed twice. Once by The Lovely Witches and one which is yet to go live. I also contributed to amazing Cosmopolitan Blog Award nominated blog, Zusterschap. Vote for them to win the award here!

Get my blog it's own domain.
I'm really happy I got this done. I'm so rubbish at HTML related things but it wasn't too tricky!

Clear out and organise my emails once and for all.
Everything has a folder, I clear it out daily and unsubscribe and block spam. My inbox is dreamy and I no longer miss important emails, hooray!

Host a blogger chat.
I've hosted many a #cfblogger chat & the greatly missed #zchat once. It was so much fun.

Become a member of a book club.
I started my own! You can find out more here.

Trave & Activities

Spend a weekend in Brighton.

I got taken here for my birthday. Naturally, I did a post on the trip too.

Go to an outdoor cinema.
This year, one was set up in my little village for the summer and The Theory of Everything played one evening. It was a lovely film and fab experience.

See Matilda at the theatre.
My sister and I recently took our Grandma to see this and it was great!


Own a snowglobe phone case.

150+ days ago Emily, why is this a goal?! I must have been struggling for inspiration. Regardless, I am the proud owner of one sassy phone case as you can see in the above photo.

Food & Drink

Eat a massive cookie from Millie's cookies.

I got one of these for my Birthday from the team at my old job having wanted one since I was about 12 and sweet baby Jesus, it surpassed my expectations. Just an FYI - I didn't consume the whole thing by myself.

Be vegetarian for a week.
I've done this loads of times and am 100% vegetarian at home

Be vegetarian for a month.
I've done this once or twice as I'm still struggling with dining out meat free but I will get there!


Get into a proper skincare routine.

In all honesty, I feel like it's only made my skin worse so I need to switch it up again but I've got into the habit which is the main thing.

Stop buying bath bombs and shower gels until the ones I have are used up.
I did this and have since started stocking up again but in a more controlled manner. I was stock piling about 20 bath bombs and 10 shower gels.

I've also updated my initial list, crossing off those which have been done. So far, I've completed 22% in 15% of the time - not bad at all! I'm particularly chuffed with how many I've achieved that fall under the blogging category.

I'd love to read more of other people's 101 in 1001, so please link me to them below!

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