Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Stationery Stash #1

As promised, I’m finally getting round to writing about my recent stationery purchases. With decorating my planner, having pen pals and scrapbooking I’ve been collecting more and more. Finding stockists with gorgeous designs that don’t cost a leg and an arm to ship to the UK is hard work but here’s what I’ve got!

Washi Tape
Tropical tape set - Paperchase

You’ll quickly discover Paperchase are a staple (bad pun number one of this post) for all my stationery bits and pieces. I chose this set as they're bright and tropical, perfect for the theme of my scrapbook I’m putting together to showcase my photos for my travels around South America.

I like the box this set comes in, it makes for easy storage and has perforated sharp edge to help tear pieces off. There’s 8 different designs varying in width and of course print. My favourites are the paler coloured feather design and the darker ne with jungle-esque flowers and leaves. I’m happy with the price which at the first instance sounds steep but works out as £1 a roll. This selection have sold out online but I've seen them in my local Paperchase quite recently so you might get lucky!

Sprinkle & smiley pineapple washi - Bon Bons Kawaii
Mint & pink washi sample - Little Surprise Shoppe
Pink polka dot & gold pineapple foil washi tape - Wrapworks

The rest of my washis are from Etsy, the stores are specified above. We have a sprinkle pattern, white and pink polka dot, gold and white foil pineapple, mint and pink camera print and kawaii pineapple. I particularly love the gold pineapple one. It feels like the best quality due to the foil finish.

I was a bit surprised when the mint tapes arrived as I was expecting a full roll; lesson learnt and in future I will read listings properly! I’m a bit disappointed with the kawaii pineapple design washi as it is very see through which makes the print look a bit (the second and last bad pun of this post, promise!) washed out. This was my first online tape purchase and I learnt the hard way that like colours tend to be really transparent in real life. The two pink ones and the mint tape are mid way between the pale pineapple and thick foil pinapple in terms of opaqueness but the patterns are super cute. I’ll definitely be picking up an opaque/matte white tape to use as a base so I can layer the tapes shown here on top for a cleaner look.

Gold paperclips - Crafty Imaginations
Flamingo paperclips - The Peas Knees
Stag head paperclips - Yellowstone Art Boutique
Pink unicorn clip - The Angel Shoppe

Clips are not only good to attach loose pieces of paper to my planner but also to decorate the inside pocket. I picked up the bag of gold clips for the former purpose. My new planner is teal/aqua and the binding rings are gold so the colour will go with my theme well.

Onto the animals! The hot pink flamingos came in a pack of 6 and the design is super cute. I’m underwhelmed by the stag heads as they looked yellow gold online and on receiving them they are more a dull, rusty gold.
I left the best until last! My beautiful pink unicorn is part of the princess collection on The Angel Shoppe. If you’re into planning you’ll probably have come across her stuff before, planner girls go crazy for it. I love the teal unicorn with its gold glitter accents but went for the pink one as it was cheaper and contrasts with the aqua of my planner. The clip itself was £2.27 but as the shop is based in Canada I think with shipping it came to £5 or £6 which admittedly is a bit extravagant for a decorative paper clip but look how cute it is.

Kawaii drink sticker flakes - Stickers Kingdom

My sticker drawer is already overflowing with new goodies so I’ll try and keep it brief! I didn’t know that sticker flakes existed, until I bought these drink ones. I love that you get a large volume of stickers in one pack. This particular batch are great – there’s various cocktails which are perfect to mark holidays or going out for drinks in my planner. I don’t drink coffee but they would be cute for the same purpose. I know a lot of girls in the planner community like to use their planner to track how much water they’ve drunk/to remind themselves to keep hydrated and there’s teeny water bottle stickers in this bag which could be used for just that. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of these!

Shiny heart, puffy cat and foil Russian doll stickers - Clinton Card

I was really surprised by the sticker offering in Clinton Cards of all places. I got these three sets for £3. The cats are slightly puffy and were purchased for a letter to one of my penpals. The shiny hearts turned out to be not one but four sheets! They are a bit tricky to get off the paper but I like using them as bullet points in my planner. Finally the foil Russian dolls are so intricate, they’re almost too nice to use! There’s lots of matroyska doll washi tape so I feel a weekly theme in the planner coming up.
Floral heart snowglobe stickers & puffy cupcake stickers - Paperchase

Back to Paperchase, the puffy cupcakes are great for decorating birthdays in planners, I like all the different colour variations. You might recognise the pattern in these heart stickers from the writing paper I shared with you guys in my August in photos post. I love having matching stationery but the best thing about these stickers is that they are like a snowglobe – the tiny silver hearts inside move around!

Aqua hearts, kawaii sundae, pastel tassel and floral flag stickers - Little Surprise Shoppe

I couldn't resist all of these from Little Surprise Shoppe, her designs are just adorable and her shipping costs to the UK are reasonable. The tassel banners will be used to jazz up a monthly spread page in my planner. Gold, mint and pink is just the best colour combination in my eyes. The aqua and gold hearts are another lush colour scheme, not sure where I’ll use them yet though. Those floral flags will either go on a special day in my monthly spread or act as a cute to-do list on my weekly pages. Just look at the milkshakes! Another one for decorating but they are to die for. The clean brushes stickers are so cute they make me actually look forward to giving my make up brushes a wash!

Strawberry Note Stickers - Blippo

These little strawberry mushroom girl sticky notes are the absolute best. The dolls were designed to be used as bookmarks or dividers I like to use them in my planner when I’m seeing the girls eg Amy has dark hair and Sian has blonde hair so I take one of each and stick next to “Amy and Sian over”. The sticky notes are good for reminders and to-do lists and the polka dot print makes them the perfect match for my washi tape of the same colour.
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