Saturday, 19 September 2015

Barry M "Rose Hip" & "Treasure Chest" Nail Varnish Review

With the seasons shifting, my nail polish palette will be too but I had to get a couple more wears out of my pretty pastels before swapping them for berry reds and taupes. The pale pink is a Barry M (I’ll post about a nail varnish by another brand one day, I swear!) Gelly Hi Shine and is called “Rose Hip”. After a lot of uhming and ahing over whether to use a silver or gold glitter, I settled for Treasure Chest from Barry M’s Aquarium collection on just my ring finger.

I’d tried both nail polishes before and found that Rose Hip chipped off in days. Treasure Chest, on the other hand, was a pain to paint on evenly – the glitter shards gathered down either side of the nail and were tricky to spread out.I wanted to give them another try so ensured I had plenty of time to do my nails carefully and wait for them to fully dry as I can get a bit impatient! Unfortunately my verdict on Rosehip hasn’t improved. It took 3+ coats on a couple of nails where it was too transparent and despite painting them around 9pm, the polish still dented at 8:30am the next day?! Although I didn't have an issue with it chipping off, around day 5 many of my nails developed sort of crease lines in the polish. I've never had anything like it happen before it's like the layers of varnish have cracked without completely splitting and it looks gnaff.

I got on a better with Treasure Trove this time and got an even glitter coverage on both nails. I do like the two colours together but I won’t be grabbing Rose Hip to use again in a hurry!
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