Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Blow Pony" Liquid Lipstick Review

Jeffree Star and I go way back. He probably doesn’t remember that gig at the Camden Barfly in 2006. “Touch my plastic face and see what happens” one of his songs dared. I did, it was anticlimactic. Fast forward 8 years and the androgynous MySpace royal has his own make up line. I’m no stranger to liquid to matte lipsticks; I’m the not so proud owner of Red Velvet & Salem Velvetines by Lime Crime and Forbidden by Illasmasqua. I’m sure the on-going and ever growing scandal surrounding Lime Crime hasn’t passed you by and the applicator of Illamasqua's "Forbidden" leaves a lot to be desired. So I was hopeful that the phrase "third time lucky" would apply to me with Jeffree Star’s version of the cosmetic craze which also happen to be vegan, paraben and gluten free.

Being the pastel princess that I am, I was immediately drawn to “Blow Pony” the pretty purple shade that is described as “pastel neon lavender”. I don’t often order things from America so I don’t know if it's the norm to receive your item 5 days after placing the order but I was certainly impressed. (I've since noticed UK online store Cocktail Cosmetics stock Jeffree Star Cosmetics so head that way for cheaper shipping).

It arrived beautifully packaged and wrapped vivid coloured tissue paper. The tube itself is also aesthetically pleasing with its shiny lettering and pink star décor. On opening up Blow Pony, it quickly became apparent I overlooked the “neon” part of the description as I was expecting it to be slightly lighter and more muted. I could imagine it looking stunning on women of colour but felt it looked really harsh against my very pale skin. It took a while to get used to - I usually play it pretty safe with my lip colour, but I have grown to like it.
The applicator is a soft doe foot which is great for drawing on a pout with precision. The formula takes quite a while to dry but feels creamy when applied to exfoliated and moisturised lips. Once on, it stays put. It took some serious scrubbing to remove, which is great as we all want a lipstick that lasts. The downside of this is if you make an error during application, you need to tidy it up IMMEDIATELY or you will have a nightmare correcting it. For ultimate longevity, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website advises to avoid oily food (and making out, but kissing is OK, apparently) so I put it to the ultimate test on a date night of Nando's and cocktails.

Over the course of the evening, I reapplied just twice where the product had rubbed off only from the middle of my inner lips. There was no smudging, feathering or colour bleeding out. With other previously mentioned products I've tried, my lips would feel dry, I'd reapply probably four times and I'd be self conscious about the way the lipstick is crumbling off in clumps, gross. In contrast, I forgot I had JSC's lipstick on at all as my lips remained moisturised whilst wearing. The only negative I have to talk about isn't even with Blow Pony, it's the name of the navy blue lipstick. I can't get behind anyone calling their product "Abused", it's tasteless and totally unnecessary. That aside, I'm so impressed that I'm already eyeing up shades "I'm Nude" and "712".
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