Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Event

Last week I went to Bare Minerals blogger event at House of Fraser, Reading to check out their exciting new release, Blemish Remedy foundation. I’ve never tried out anything by this cruelty free brand* and, as someone with plenty of blemishes which could really do with a remedy, I was really excited for the evening.

I was greeted and handed a fizzy passion-fruit and wandered around the counter for a while familiarising myself a little bit with the product range and chatted to the lovely Caz (who currently isn’t blogging but should definitely start up again!)I was intrigued by Bare Minerals extensive skincare offering including night serum, anti-aging creams and all sorts of other things people my age should unfortunately be beginning to think about and given the fact that I’ve only just about got the hang of cleansing, toning and moisturising, my knowledge in this department is somewhat lacking. Luckily a member of the team was on hand to answer my questions.
Then it was time for my favourite part: the trying out of Blemish Remedy! It’s ingredients include Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil to encourage healthier-looking skin whilst reducing redness and shininess without being drying. The pot in which the product comes features a sort-of inbuilt sieve to catch your fall out so there’s no need for tapping your brush on the side of the pot and reduces waste product, hooray!

Robyn listened carefully to my skin type and the make up I usually opt to wear and from that, chose and put a cleanser, moisturiser and primer on me before applying the foundation. She ran me through which brushes were best to use with the product and why. She then built up coverage on one cheek and allowed me to do the other to get a real feel for the product. Robyn was so friendly and her sense of humour, amazing, which made the awkward part of having someone close to your face that bit more relaxing.
The end result was a “you but better” complexion that didn’t feel heavy on the skin but left it silky smooth to touch. I felt the colour imperfections ie redness and blemishes were covered fantastically but, maybe as it is a powder, the areas where I had slightly raised spots weren’t an inconspicuous as when I used my normal liquid foundation. I also noted with wear throughout the evening, that as promised, the parts of my face often affected by oiliness were looking better and the foundation lasted well. I love the idea of using this product as my go-to for work as something that does the job but is also kinder to my skin and then perhaps save my heavier coverage liquid for going out and the weekends.

Thank you for having me and for my lovely goodie bag, Bare Minerals!
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