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50 Happy Things

I'm not usually one to participate in or even enjoy reading tag based posts but when the lovely Rhiân of Chapter and Circle published her 50 Happy Things post, not only did I enjoy reading it, but I was also super chuffed to see she'd tagged me as I'm always keen to feature positive and uplifting material on The Bell Jar. After a week of hormones kicking my butt, I more than welcomed the opportunity to focus on the many amazing aspects of life that bring me joy - from the big, main, important things to those little, seemingly insignificant things that put a smile on my face.
1. Hash brown and cheese toasted wraps
Simply but so so satisfying, My favourite breakfast.

2. Compliments on my nails
In the last couple of years, at long last, I've managed to stop the grim habit of biting my nails. Getting asked where I get them done or whether they're gel or shellac so frequently (when they're natural and in fact painted by your truly) is the ultimate form of flattery.

3. Lists
I probably write about 5 lists every day and love the satisfaction of crossing things off.

4. Cute stationery
Whether its washi tapes, paperclips, sticky notes, notepads or stickers they all get me heart-eyed.

5. Pornstar martini cocktails
I only really discovered these fruity sweet delights around a year ago and boy, have I been making up for lost time.

6. Writing and blogging
I can’t lie, it is hard work sometimes and I struggle with the photography side of things but I feel really proud when I look back at my posts and enjoy putting them together.

7. Baking
I’ve just realised I’ve only baked twice since moving into my flat, this is a reminder I need to get involved with baking again because I love it.

8. Hair growth spurts
After having to have my hair chopped to half way up my neck following a bleaching incident, I’ve been willing my hair to grow and it’s not far off where I want it to be now.

9. Travel, adventure and day trips
As I live in the town I grew up in, I’m often keen to get away and explore other places, whether its in the UK or abroad.

10. Good brow days
Well, who doesn’t love a good brow day?!

11. Receiving mail
Since getting into planner decorating, I often forget what I order and coming home to envelopes filled with cute stickers or a reply from one of my pen pals is sure to put a smile on my face.

12. Pastel colours
Mint green especially, but baby pinks and lilacs too.

13. Marnie the dog
I have the calendar and I guess you could also say, a mild obsession. She’s just so cute and happy!

14. Crafts
Scrapbooking, writing to my pen pals, planner decorating and adult colouring books, I can't get enough.

15. Bubble baths
Usually courtesy of a Lush bubble bar or shower gel.

16. All things mermaid
Nails, bikini, bag, whatever it is, I need it.

17. Places of natural beauty
I’ve mentioned before I’m really lucky to live so close to a number of pretty places and I make sure I visit them as frequently as I can.

18. Sofa bed sessions
We didn’t want a TV in our bedroom but sometimes we get the sofa bed in the lounge out whilst watching something on Netflix and it’s the best.

19. Seeing the people I love happy
From being happy in their relationships to getting their dream job, I want to see my friends and family smiling.

20. Hearing my favourite songs live
Gigs and festivals, yes please!

21. Listening to the rain on my window
I find this so relaxing for some reason and it helps make lie ins feel even more smug.

22. Watching a good horror film
You can often find me in a cinema somewhere, screaming at a scare and then snorting with laughter out of embarrassment.

23. Puppy snugs
Rocco isn’t a puppy any more but I still call him Baby Rocco and we have a cuddle they're still puppy snugs.

24. Reading a book I cannot put down
I’m a tough customer when it comes to books, so I am all for one taking over my life.

25. Winter Wonderland
I’ve been excited since July, need I say more?

26. Picnics
One of my favourite ways to spend sunny days.

27. My boyfriend
Being with Juan makes me happy every day.

28. Dressing up
Post-university, the opportunity to partake in fancy dress doesn’t seem to come up very frequently, but when it does, I go all out.

29. Laughing until my cheeks hurt
Best feeling ever!

30. Equality – gender, sexuality, race, disability etc.
We’re nowhere near where we should be, but all these movements are gaining momentum and it’s wonderful to see so many people making their voices heard and change being made.
31. Amy’s kitchen Mac and cheese
It’s just so tasty, quick, easy, a weekly dinner occurrence and a slight addiction.

32. Cute small dogs
Shih-tzu’s, pugs, Chihuahuas etc

33. Fluffy PJ’s and fresh bed sheets

34. Cherry blossoms & flowers blooming in Spring
So pretty and like an introduction to summer.

35. Being by the sea
I find the sound of the waves so de-stressing.

36. The Pink Huns
The slightly tongue in cheek name for my fabulous group of gal pals.

37. Going to the theatre
I love losing myself in the pretty costumes and scenery of a theatre production.

38. My own company
The majority of my hobbies are solo activities so I always welcome "me" time.

39. Finding clothes I like
My buy/return ratio is ridiculous so when I find something I like, that fits and I feel good in, it’s a big event.

40. Our flat
I love our cosy little home and all the little finishing touches that makes it our own.

41. Bristol
I have some great memories made here from childhood and from being at university. I don’t go back enough.

42. Perfume
I have quite the collection! I love going back to a fragrance I haven’t worn for a while and the scent reminding me of a certain time or place.

43. Clean make up brushes
It's not my favourite of chores, washing my brushes but using fresh tools is such a treat on the face.

44. Listening to Hole
Courtney Love is my favourite ever.

45. Spending time with my family
Now that I don’t live with them, the time I do get to spend with relatives is extra precious.

46. Eating out
Visiting restaurants is something I do a lot with Juan, friends and family. Food tastes so much better when you don’t have to make it or clean up afterwards.

47. Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun Ice cream
I didn’t even know this existed until a recent cinema trip and it just blew my mind.

48. Photos
I love taking photos on my Instax or looking at old pictures and reliving old memories.

49. The Blogging Community
It’s amazing to have so many lovely people at my fingertips to talk to about all the things I love. I’ve got a number of online girl pals who are fun and supportive. Plus Twitter chats are so much fun.

50. Disney
I’m a sucker for the films, the princesses, merchandise and I NEED a re-visit to Orlando sometime before I turn 31.

I tag: Tara of Cattitude & Co, Rebecca of Libfem & Kelly of The Vegan Taff

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