Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Mane 'n' Tail "Original" & "Herbal Gro'" Shampoo & Conditioner Review

It’s happened. After 3 years of growing out the bleach frazzled disaster that was my mop, I finally like my hair! It’s getting long - quickly, it’s healthy, friends are commenting on the rapid growth and my hairdresser only removing miniscule measurements when I go for my regular trim. It’s taken me a while to find a hair care routine I love, following going cruelty free but I feel like I've nailed it. My secret? The Mane n Tail range by Straight Arrow. Yes, a hair brand originally designed for horses is my saviour, before you knock it, stay with me, I’ve got two converts under my belt so far.

Mane n Tail offer shampoo, conditioners, all in ones, treatments, leave in conditioners, pomades as well as hand and nail creams. Shampoo and conditioners come in a number of variations to cater for different hair types. From their original, to deep moisturising, Herbal-Gro and colour protecting, there's something for everyone.

I started off using the Original formula which focuses on strengthening and healthier looking hair. The shampoo and conditioner lathered nicely and my hair felt squeaky clean, as for the scent, they don’t really smell of much (but it wasn’t offensive). This product definitely does the job and also encouraged hair growth. After a number of washes, by the time I’d used about two thirds of the bottles, I noticed my hair was getting dry and brittle.

According to my hairdresser, when it comes to strengthening, once your hair is strong enough and you continue using this type of product, hair is like concrete and will start to break. If your hair is weak, I’d definitely recommend it but perhaps cycle it with a moisturising product to avoid breakage and dryness. If your hair isn’t in need of strengthening, I’d steer clear of this one, but do read on as the next one may appeal to you.

Once I’d established that my hair was indeed strengthened, I invested in the Herbal-Gro shampoo and conditioner. This duo claims to prevent breakage, split ends and promote growth – perfect. The first thing that struck me about this pair is the gorgeous fragrance, think creamy and fruity; it reminds me of the high end products used when I visit the salon. My hair is still having a growth spurt and I can go a couple of extra days between washes now which I’m always down for. My only problem is chronic dryness, I've tried the more conditioning and moisturising products Mane n Tail are combating it so I will be cycling these shampoos alongside a deep conditioner from another brand.

If you head on over to Amazon you can get your hands on both shampoo and conditioner for £4 - £8! There are various bundles available including sprays and treatments available too.

What are your holy grail hair products? Let me know below!
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