Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Myspace Years Playlist

Yes, you read that correctly: I'm blogging about Myspace again. Today is the 12th Birthday of Myspace so, what better time to celebrate? Besides, I'm just really unwilling to let go of that wonderful slice of internet that filled my troubled teenage years and following the popularity of this post, I feel like you guys won't mind either.

Music was a pivotal aspect of Myspace. Whether it was ensuring you had the coolest profile songs or just discovering new music on there, what I listened to during this part of my life was heavily influenced by the website and I had so much fun making the list.

I don't want give too many spoilers but to give you a taster, the playlist is packed with emo, pop punk, screamo and acoustic classics from the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Hawthorne Heights, Panic! At The Disco, HelloGoodbye, Hollywood Undead and so many more.

There's also snippets from my scene/Indie phase (you remember Test Icicles, right?) and tracks from the OC Soundtrack or movie soundtracks because the lyrics reflected my feelings and that was a big part of being emo too, obviously.

Without further ado, I give you "The Myspace Years", enjoy!

Which songs sum up the Myspace years for you? Any I've missed?
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