Monday, 31 August 2015

National Read A Book Day

Did you know that next Sunday, the 6th September, is National Read A Book day? I know what you’re thinking and you're right, there is an abundance of unnecessary “National Days” from Corned Beef and Cabbage day on March 17th (ew?!) to July 14th which is of course National Tape Measure day. However, I believe this particular day is pretty important.

UK libraries are closing down at an alarming rate with recent headlines covering that they will no longer be buying new books. This, teamed with 2013 statistics quoting 4 million adults never read for pleasure and the link between poor literacy and disadvantage leads me to believe we need a day to talk, sing, shout even, about the written form.

To celebrate this day it isn’t compulsory that everyone sits down for 9 hours and read intensely until they’ve finished an entire book though. It’s a day for putting down your phones, turning off your TV’s and appreciating the pages of a wonderful book (Kindles are just about allowed).

For you, it might mean visiting your local independent book store, reading your favourite children’s story, giving your loved one’s a book you think they’d enjoy as a gift, having a book club meeting, throwing a book themed party whereby the guests have to come dressed as their favourite literary characters or any other bookish activities you can think of!

As for me? Weather depending, I’ll be heading to the great outdoors armed with a blanket, a picnic and of course a novel. The idea behind this is to get away from technology, out of the house and to spend time at a tranquil park, relaxing with a good book.

If the English Summer rain makes an appearance then I’ll be turning my front room into a den of duvets, sheets and pillows, like that you’d make as a child and be taking the picnic and readathon there.

What are you doing for National Read A Book day?
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