Sunday, 19 July 2015

Adult Colouring Books, Scrapbooking & Planner Decorating

Hello! Remember me? Despite my absence from blogging and my presence on Twitter dwindling, I am still alive. My spare time has been taken up by socialising, self -care and...creative things. I never thought I'd do a post on art and craft's but here goes!

I tend to be one of those people who buys or receives a lovely new notebook but won't use it for fear of having to cross something out, or my handwriting looking naff and ruining it. Similarly, I've been putting off starting my scrapbooks because I've always thought I lack patience and artistic flair. I felt like I'd get inspiration from my Pinterest boards, try and do something similar, it turn out completely different/awful and me hate it.

I didn't think this current craze of using adult colouring books to relax would ever work out for me. I'm indecisive so it would take forever to choose from the evergrowing range of books available. Also, when I went to colour in, I'd get annoyed that it wasn't perfect or I'd wish I'd used different colours so the last thing it would be, is stress releiving! By now you probably get the jist of what I'm like and you probably can sense that I'm about to tell you I've overcome all'd be correct and it feels great!
The colouring book came first and admittedly, it did take me about an hour and trips to 3 different shops to come to a decision about which type to go for. I eventually went for Emma Farrarons' Mindfulness Colouring Book based on the fact I bought the exact same one for one of my best friends and it's also convenient to fit in my handbag, should I want to colour on the go.
I find scribbling away in the colouring book to be very therapeutic. On a number of occasions, I've found myself getting stressed out, grabbed my book and Hello Kitty pens, chucked Spotify on and it's really aided in calming me down. Concentrating on keeping inside the lines proves to be an effective distraction to whatever else I'm thinking or feeling and I pleasantly surprised myself by not worrying about my colour choice or neatness, result!
Having wet my appetite for things arty and crafty, I finally printed off my travelling photos and invested in stickers, sequins, washi tapes etc. Despite having an extensive scrapbooking board on Pinterest, I didn't actually take inspiration from anything on there and came up with everything myself which I'm really chuffed about. It's simple but looks exotic and colourful, I really love it!
Scrapbooking is really time consuming, I've spent ages on mine and only just finished one week of the near 3 month trip. It's kind of frustrating as I want to crack onto a book about things I've got up to with my friends and another for my relationship with Juan but it is satisfying looking at what I've produced so far.
Now for my personal favourite. I'll try not to get too over-excited. When I was at school, I really didn't have time for Science. In lessons, I'd decorate my homework diary. Not just the odd picture on the cover, nope. My friend and I would print off pictures, cut out quotes and images from magazines and make collages on every week page, leaving one line for homework in each day. A lot of the time I didn't know what homework I was supposed to be doing but at least my homework diary looked sassy.
So when I stumbled across this by chance and learnt that, like with blogging, there's a whole community of people who decorate their planners into little pieces of art and share them on the internet (check out #plannergirl, #plannercommunity, #planneraddicts etc on Instagram), I was so so excited and enthusiastically started following some of my favourite accounts and furiously buying washi tapes, stickers and paperclips. I've found the dreamiest planner but before I invest in it, I'm seeing how I stick to decorating my current one. Not much of my stash has arrived yet but as you can see I've made a start towards decorating the upcoming week in my Frankie Magazine Journal.
So, there you have it, that's what I've been up to! If you liked this post, keep an eye out for my posts on scrapbooking tips and a haul on all my scrapbooking & planner paraphanalia and the storage I've set up for it, all coming soon!
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