Wednesday, 10 June 2015

4 Things To Do With Non- Cruelty Free Beauty Products

So, you've made the excellent decision to go cruelty free with your future beauty purchases, great! Good for you. But, what do you do with those 12 MAC lipsticks, that Benefit mascara & those interesting samples you got in that beauty box from last month? Fear not, I have 4 solutions for you today.

1) Use them up.
Let's face it, you've spent the money now. Rather than fork out for a whole new kit right away, just use up what you have and replace with cruelty free alternatives as you go along.

2)Sell them.
Allow eBay, Depop & blog sales be your friend. Despite being hard work sometimes - depop users seem to forget that you have to pay depop fees and postage and have a habit of writing "£3?" on your £25 blushers and then getting people who win bids on eBay to pay up can be a bit of a nightmare, but if it does work out, you now have money to buy shiny new cruelty free treats.

3) Give them away.
If you have non-cf friends and family members you can just outright give them your unwanted make up or bulk out their birthday/ Christmas presents with that perfume of yours they've been eyeing up.

4) Give them to charity.
Homeless shelters or refuge shelters for women fleeing domestic violence are always in need in cosmetics so why not contact your local shelter and find out what you can donate to a very worthy cause?

What did you do with your non-cf beauty products?
Let me know below!

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