Monday, 25 May 2015

101 in 1001

After seeing this on some of my favourite blogs and really liking it, I thought I'd create my own. 101 in 1001 is the idea of setting yourself 101 mini goals to achieve in 1001 days (which works out to be 2.7 years). It took me AGES to compile this list, so long in fact, that I've started crossing off things before I'd got 101. Some are serious life aspirations, some are just things I'd like to try out or get done and others are just for fun!
+ Find a career I want & get it.
+ Clear the last of my debt.
+ Volunteer for charity.
+ Get my eyes tested.
+ Vote in the General Election.
+ Learn to iron.
+ Get into a decent sleep routine.
+ Save up for and buy a new car.
+ Join a gym.
+ Contact an old friend I haven’t spoken to for a long time.
+ Get a swab done.

+ Drop 2 dress sizes.

+ Print all my photos.
+ Make scrapbooks/photo albums for travelling.
+ Make scrapbooks/photo albums for last two years.
+ Become a home owner.
+ Have my own library room.
+ Have my own desk/office corner and decorate it pretty.
+ Get the prints I have framed.
+ Adopt a dog.

+ Write 150 blog posts.
+ Get a proper camera for blogging.
+ Reach 500 bloglovin’ followers.
+ Make an “IRL” friend through blogging.
+ Go to a blogger meet up.
+ Reach 500 followers on Instagram.
+ Have a guest blogger write for The Bell Jar.
+ Get 1000 followers on Twitter.
+ Create directories for each of the main categories of my blog.
+ Post 15 outfit posts on my blog.
+ Write a personal post.
+ Get a new laptop.
+ Write a guest post for another blog.
+ Invest in business cards for my blog.
+ Get my blog it's own domain.
+ Clear out and organise my emails once and for all.
+ Host a blogger chat.

+ Learn Hole – Malibu on guitar.
+ Go to 20 gigs.
+ Own a copy of each of favourite albums on vinyl.
+ Own all Hole/Courtney Love releases on vinyl.
+ Go to another 2 festivals.

+ Sign up to the library next door.
+ Use the library.
+ Be a member of a book club.
+ Read all the books I own.
+ Read 75 books.
+ Collect all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books.
+ Read all the Harry Potter books.

+ Watch all of Wes Anderson’s films.
+ Go to the cinema on my own.
+ Watch 10 “classic” old school horror films.

Travel, Activities & Exploring
+ Visit The Last Tuesday Society.
+ Go to Disneyland.
+ Have a weekend in Bristol.
+ Go to London Tattoo Convention.
+ See Matilda at the theatre.
+ Visit the British Museum.
+ Go to Peru with Juan.
+ Visit Maccu Piccu whilst we’re there.
+ Have a weekend in Brighton.
+ Visit the Horniman Museum.
+ Go to Paris.
+ Visit Disneyland whilst there.
+ Go to Bath.
+ Go on a ghost walk.
+ Go to an outdoor cinema.
+ Go for drinks on a rooftop bar.
+ Go on 4 city breaks.
+ Go on a two week holiday.
+ Visit Sarah & Paddy in Edinburgh.

+ Buy a gold or silver ring for every day wear.
+ Buy clothing from a charity shop.
+ Own a snowglobe phone case.
+ Save up for a designer purse.
+ Get to a point where I’m happy with my wardrobe.

Food & Drink
+ Add 5 new vegetables to my regular diet.
+ Eat at the Big Easy.
+ Cook a three course dinner from scratch.
+ Cook 25 recipes pinned on my Pinterest boards.
+ Eat a massive cookie from Millies cookies.
+ Be vegetarian for a week.
+ Be vegetarian for a month.

+ Go vegan for a week.
+ Go vegan for a month.
+ Bake a vegan dessert.
+ Buy fruit and veg from the local market.
+ Host a cocktail party for my girl friends.

+ Get into a proper skincare routine.
+ Use up all my non-cruelty free make up.
+ Stop buying bath bombs and shower gels until the ones I have are used up.
+ Go on an Illamasqua make up course.
+ Go to a brow bar.
+ Get boob length, natural hair.
+ Dye my hair an unorthodox colour one last time.
+ Have a facial.
+ Go for a pedicure.
+ Get my hair done at a cruelty free hairdresser.

+ Meet Marnie the Dog.
+ Meet or converse with Courtney Love online.
+ Star as an extra in a zombie film.
+ Go to a film premier.

Keep an eye out for a update on how I get on!
Have you done 101 in 1001? What did you include & how did you get on? Let me know below!

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