Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#ThisGirlCan: 10 Reasons to Play Netball

In case you've missed the adverts or whining "meninists" claiming it's sexist, the idea behind the #ThisGirlCan campaign is to get women exercising and feeling sassy. Whether we're jiggling, whether we're all sweaty, whether we're not particularly good or whether we choose to wear make up whilst we exercise - we own it and we should be free to do it without judgement. With taglines like "Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox", I am so on board.

Now the movement is in full force, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about what I do for exercise and why it's awesome. Here are my 10 reasons to play netball:

1. It's social - If you join a team and attend practices you meet so many new people and potential to make new friend - hello socials!

2. It's competitive - Wanting to win helps get your adrenaline going and matches enable you to let off steam in a positive way.

3. Great exercise - Constantly being on the move, throwing the ball, stretching and keeping your balance, whilst trying to intercept passes all helps get your muscles stretched and heart beat going.

4. It's cheaper than the gym - Membership for a year tends to be around £150 a year which works out at generally half what you'd be paying for subscription to a gyms and that's for a competing team. There's also the option to play socially, my local sessions cost £2 for 90 mins - a steal!

5. Caters for all - No matter what age or the build of your body, there is a place for you on a netball team. Petite women are sometimes favoured as centre court players, whilst taller girls can make great goal attack and goal defence. If you aren't a massive fan of running around, constantly you could be well suited as goal keeper or goal shooter.

6. Life skills - Adding that you're a netball player on your CV can help support the notion that you work well in a team.

7. Girl Power - It's one of the very few sports out there where women are the bosses and men aren't the focus.

8. You can earn money - Being an umpire is a paid role. Getting to watch your favourite sport and call the shots whilst getting paid for it? Sounds good to me.

9. Travel - If you choose to compete seriously you get the chance to travel around the country, sometimes the world playing your sport, pretty cool huh?

10. IT'S FUN.

What do you like to do for exercise? Do you or, have you ever played netball? Let me know below!

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