Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lush Spring Event: Fragrance

As you may have seen on my Lush Blogger Event post yesterday, I wanted to dedicate a whole post just to the fragrance section as I find the concept behind theirs so lovely!

Caitlin was in charge of the fragrance station and she told us about the ingredients and inspiration behind the scents. My first Lush event was a perfume one and prior to that I had written off Lush perfume as being too strong but I discovered they are unique and smell different on every person dependant on their natural skin acidity and alkali. Hearing the stories behind each individual product really brings them to life, if you haven't checked the perfumes out, I massively recommend you do.

The new range is called Death, Decay & Renewal and where as the first range was about creating scents that reminded various staff members of things (Vanillery is inspired by a dessert on Heston Blumental's menu) and the second being based on folklore, this range is particularly emotive and reflective.

First up was Dear John, a smokey, coffee like fragrance and inspired by Lush CEO, Mark's search for his father he had never met. He tried to track him down and couldn't so created a scent of what he believed his father would have smelt like and named it Dear John.

Onto a happier story - he found his Dad! Mark spent 3 days getting to know him in his home in South Africa before he very sadly passed away, only 6 weeks later. I guess the positive is they got to meet eachother. Dad's Garden Lemon Tree was born. A clean and fresh scent packed with a citrusy punch courtesy of lemon and lime oil.

Death and decay is rich yet floral. Jasmine and rose oil combine to create the smell of lillies - a frequently used flower at funerals. This is no mistake as this one was inspired by the acceptance of the loss of a loved one.

I fell in love with All Good Things, which was created with break ups in mind - the sadness and longing yet excitement for the future. Intended to be bittersweet, some peoples skin pick out the sweet (tonka and rose oil) and others the bitter (cedarwood). I picked up the sweeter side and it smelt quite chocolatey rather than boozy.

Finally, Kerbside Violet. This popped up on Lush Kitchen last year and obviously I was sold as soon as I read the word "violet". It smells sweet, fresh and floral thanks to the Violet (obviously), Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Rosewood Oil. People always comment on the Parma Violet like scent when I spritz myself with it and I think it's perfect for Spring.

Volume 3 Death and Decay is made up of a total of 8 perfumes which you can find online here or in the Gorilla Perfume store in Islington.

*Written in collaboration with Lush. All content and views are my own.

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