Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lush Spring Event: Mothers Day & Easter

Since CF giants Lush have publicised their support for #BeCrueltyFree week it seemed fitting to include the blogger event I attended in my collection of #BlogForBunnies posts. I was over the moon to be invited back to my third of Lush Reading's blogger events(you can read about their Winter event here.) This time round the topic was Mother's Day, Spring and the new Gorilla perfume releases.

On arrival to the store it was great to see a couple of familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. After checking out the gorgeous as ever displays, we took part in an Egg Hunt with a difference - Golden Eggs rather than chocolate ones. Needless to say, glitter was flying everywhere...and I won (joint first) and was awarded in chocolate!
Then we split into groups and worked our way round the three stations, one for each topic. Unsurprising to anyone, including the staff, I opted to visit the perfume station first. I have dedicated a whole seperate post to that part of the night which will be up tomorrow.

The lovely Ryan was on Mother's Day duty and showed us Ultraviolet which I've already expressed my mad love for here. He also did a jug demo of Bubble Grub who is SO cute (you can see him in the first photo next to Ultraviolet), creates heaps of bubbles and beautiful grass green bath tub with a subtle glitter lustre and has a quirky earthy scent of vetivert and sandalwood.
We also got to have a look at bath ballistic Secret Garden. This has featured in the collection before but has a new and improved formula. If you look closely at the way it dissolves you can make out the shape of the petals as it fizzes outwards from the bomb, making for super pretty viewing. The scent lives up to it's name - fresh grass and roses which is no surprise given the long list of floral ingredients.
Onto Easter which was hosted by the wonderful Millie for lots of sweet egg shaped things for the bath. Seeing as it was mentioned before due to the egg hunt, we'll start with Golden Egg. It looks like a bath bomb but on chucking one of these in the bath, the glitter falls away (and has olive oil on it so it sticks to your skin) and leave a creamy bath melt egg which lasts a long long time. Oh, did I mention, it smells like caramel or toffee? Delicious!
Attention Snowy Fairy fans - you can top up on it's bubblegum sweet scent with Fluffy Egg bath bomb. It fizzes super quickly and turns your tub vivid pink in colour.

Immaculate Eggception in pink and yellow are Easter's answer to Valentines big bath bomb "Love Locket". They both carry the same sherberty sweet scent thanks to grapefruit oil and vanilla absolute but the best part is that once you've broken the outer egg shell there's a cute surprise in the form of a chick or bunny inside. Too cute.
Another product which has returned is Bunch of Carrots. This is a re-usable bubble bar - you just put the whole lot in and rub under the tap, no crumbling it up and it creates lots of bubbles and can be used time and time again. It smells incredible and the ingredients responsible are buchu oil (a shrub that smells like blackcurrant and mint), lemon and grapefruit oil.
A massive thank you to the fantastic Lush team for having me and for the gorgeous goody bag, keep an eye out for reviews of the things I got!

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