Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wishlist: Homeware

Things have been a bit quiet over at The Bell Jar HQ and that's because I've finally moved in to our little flat. The past week has been spent furiously unpacking in the evenings after work. Thank you to all our friends and families for the well wishes, cards and gifts!

Something happens to us all when we gain our own living space, doesn't it? We develop this sudden infatuation with all things "home". I even got excited about the expanding clothes airer I bought the other day. In light of that, and in celebration of having my own place to decorate, I've gathered together some of my favourite pieces I've seen whilst on the hunt for the finishing touches. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much of this is for the kitchen, as I'm hardly reknown for my cooking skills!

From left to right:
1. Set of 3 Clip Top Storage Jars - Next
The picture doesn't really give much away but, I can tell you, as we now own them, that these dinky jars with pink ribbon around them with ceramic heart shaped labels reading "Tea", "Sugar" and "Coffee" are a simple but cute way to store your hot drink stuffs.

2. Hello Kitty Mini Cupcake Cases - Lakelands
The most important things about baked goods is they gotta taste good, the second, obviously is they have to look pretty. These cupcake cases help put a tick to that box.

3. Aurora and Maleficent mug set - Art of Aurora @ The Disney Store
Us bloggers go bonkers for anything Disney and this divine crockery set is no different. It sold out in no time and are now on eBay for in the region of £40 a piece. Sigh.

4. Rabbit Lamp - George @ ASDA
A cheap alternative to some of the similar animal lamps accompanied by a designer price tag. With it's neutral colouring, it's bound to fit into any colour scheme.

5. White Baroque Wall Shelf - Kare @ Urban Outfitters
I have more perfume bottles, trinkets, candles and butterfly frames than you can shake a stick at and Kare's Wall Shelf is a little bit of a different way to showcase them.

6. Slate Placements with Heart Cut Out - Roman At Home
We are currently dining-room-table-less, but when that changes I think some slate placemats will provide a rustic but contemporary look whilst being easy to clean.

7. Ice-Cream Cup Set - Lakeland
Almost completely unecessary and frivalous, I'd probably use them 4 times a year but... that's what wishlists are for and besides, look at them! I always favoured a tub and spoon over a cone when indulging in ice cream and this set domes teamed with a porcelain version of the spade-like spoons you get on holiday and with an all over pastel pattern to boot, amazing.

8. White Clip Line Photo Frame - Urban Outfitters
Carrying on with the white theme, again, is a photo frame with a twist. I think the Clip Line would come in handy for printing off Instagram photos or to display the pictures taken on my beloved Instax. Urban Outfitters lead the way with alternative decor in my eyes.

9. Stand Mixer in Strawberry Cream - Breville @ Co-op
I was expecting resistance when it came to bringing my pastel princess kitchen dreams to life but was pleasantly surprised. First came the pink weighing scales, courtesy of the M&S January sale, second the pink Breville toaster and now it only seems right to have the matching mixer. There's plenty of pink standing mixers around, most in the £300+ price range. But, at my calibre of baking and cooking and my budget this is just perfect, cupcakes anyone?

Who are your go-to stores and sites for all things homeware? If you have any recommendations of where I might be able to find pretty cake stands, preferably with a dome, please leave a comment below.

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