Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Book Club: The GoldFinch - Donna Tartt

Considering my blog name is a book title and the amount of time I spend reading or in conversation about literature, I'm a little overdue on a book review. Having seen it on various best seller lists and wanting to read it, when I saw The Goldfinch in the 2 for £7 offer in Tesco, I couldn't resist.

The Goldfinch tells the tale of a young American boy, Theo Decker and his journey through life after the death of his mother, who tragically doesn't survive an explosion at an art musuem. Theo is in a different room of the museum when the bomb goes off and agrees to the dying request of an old man to take a family heirloom to a shop. Oh, and steal a world famous original painting.

The narrative begins at the end, so to speak, describing Theo's current location as a hotel, where he is trying to remain discreet and seldom leaves his room before back tracking to where it all started - the day at the museum. As designed, this had me wondering how the hell Theo ends up there and how ofcourse it ends throughut the duration of the entire book.

The Goldfinch offers lengthy, wordy descriptions and beautiful imagery - I felt like I knew the characters personally and had crystal cleaar images of them in my head. I often lose interest when a tale gets too farfetched ("Gone Girl", I'm looking at you) but despite the unlikeliness of it's occurence, this book kept me enraptured.

As I was enjoying it so much, I was concerned the finale was going to spoil it. However, when I finally got to the end (by my standards, this is a long book), I was happy with it. The loose ends the reader wants to be cleared up, are. Also, unlike cult classics which end abruptly or have obscure and symbolic meaning, I loved that the message of this story was stark and obvious - no reading between the lines needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Gold Finch and already have plans to read more of Donna Tartt's novels - there's currently three in total.
Have you read The Goldfinch? What did you think?
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