Friday, 5 December 2014

Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser Review

I know, I know, another Lush post. I need to branch out to other brands in the realm of cruelty free cosmetics, it's on my to do list. It’s just so easy when I work right next to and have a close friend who works at my local store and everything always smells spectacular. Speaking of which - hands up if you got a Christmas perfume from Lush Kitchen this week! (I got a Lord of Misrule and 2 bottles of Comforter and am only just resisting the sweet and festive temptation of Yog Nog.)

I am actually writing this post to talk about a less known gem that I've recently discovered. Being the enthusiast that I am, I arrived 45 minutes early to the Winter Blogger Event I was invited to (incase you missed it, here’s how the evening went), this led to me smelling more or less...everything they had to offer.

After what is collectively referred to as "The Bleaching Incident"..

( in 2011 I decided I wanted blonde hair and proceeded to bleach my hair, not once, not twice…but 8 times. My hair broke. A lot. I lost about 4 inches of hair, 7 buckets of tears and I don’t even know how much money on dyes, toners, treatments and hair extensions. Lesson learnt? GO TO THE HAIRDRESSERS)

... I vowed to look after my hair and that, I have done. I’ve desperately been trying to make my hair grow and opted for Lee Staffords Hair growth range. However on using it for a prolonged period of time, it made my hair hideously dry and brittle and quickly ditched it and so, when I saw R&B it immediately caught my eye.

Packaged in Lush’s signature black pot, R&B claims to "revive the hair and balance the scalp". And you better believe it does: crammed with a cocktail of nourishing oils and butters (avocado butter, olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil, to name a few) it leaves your hair soft, delicious smelling and my hair even got called glossy the other day! It’s earthy yet fruity scent is courtesy of the orange flower absolute, bay oil and jasmine.

All you have to do is shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Then run a small amount through your locks (please note small, I’ve been known to get carried away and wake up the following morning with oil slick and not so chic hair) and blow, or leave, to dry. If you have afro or particularly curly hair, you can just apply it straight to dry hair.

The tub doesn’t look very big but I’ve had mine 4 weeks and am probably a quarter of the way through, not bad for £11.50. It's also very worth remembering that if you collect 5 empty pots and take them back to your local Lush, they’ll be recycled and you get a free face mask – result!

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