Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lush Reading Winter Event

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Lush Reading’s Winter Blogger Event and hear about the highly anticipated Christmas range. Writing this and condensing over 2 hours of gorgeous smelling, glittery treats into one post is going to be a challenge!

We were greeted by the lovely Lush ladies and guided up to the party room. Here, the Christmas and Halloween products were beautifully displayed and a massive spread of snacks and drinks waiting for us. These included hot chocolate, courtesy of Whittards, marshmallows and sparkling apple juice.

The evening began with throwing a gooey snowman shower jelly around whilst introducing ourselves and our blogs before the glorious run through of each product.

Lord Of Misrule
We began with one of my all time favourite bath bombs, the Lord of Misrule which is a beautiful burgundy red and bright festive green in colour. Fragrance-wise it packs a patchouli punch.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights and Sparkler are baton shaped bath bombs, each with one end that fizzes quicker than the other, causing it to whizz around in your bath and explode with beautiful colours and glitter, like that of a firework. Sparkler shares it scent with Rose Jam et al and Northern lights is covered with little white chocolate stars.

After an introduction to the Halloween/ Bonfire night inspired range, we got to make our own bath bomb – Cinders. When I first viewed the range online this one caught my attention as it has my winter staple, cinnamon in it.

I was surprised by how simple the actual making process is – even on first go, the messiest and worst “hands on” person ever (aka me) had, what I consider a shop-worthy end product.

Making Cinders
On seeing So White, it can get lost around it’s glittery counterparts but once in the bowl, it was one of the highlights for me, with it’s subtle pinky centre and apple scent.

So White
Another Emily favourite alert! Holly Golightly bubble bar is so vibrant in colour and sparkly without the Ke$ha glitter sequins. Made up of cinnamon, patchouli oil and orange oil, it looks and smells a treat, whilst creating masses of dreamy bubbles.

Holly GoLightly
Father Christmas is another returning Christmas product. This year he’s taken on the scent of the bubblegum-my Snow Fairy. But what I liked most about him was his changing colours from creamy pink and into a slow developing bright green.

Father Christmas
Round two of getting our hands dirty came in the form of creating the cute little Butter Bear. As the name suggests he’s a cuddly critter made from an array of moisturising butters.

We were given a tube of themed Fun. The majority was white, with small layers of black and orange. Yep, you guessed it, we had to build a snowman…in just the duration of the song by the same name taken from Disney film Frozen. This was harder than it sounds and our Olaf came out pretty well, despite the menacing eyebrows.

The evening was a turning point for me – I bought a soap. For as long as I can remember the squeaky feeling after using a bar of soap put me off. But the irresistible, creamy, spicy nature of Yognog ended that for me.

Another soap was handed round and we were asked to guess what other popular all year round product it smelt like. I was thinking “I have no idea but this is amazing.” Turns out it was “The Comforter” bubble bar. Needless to say I got a slab of that also.

A final product worth mentioning is the body lotion "Celebrate". It's a deliciously warm citrus scent comes from Lime and orange oil with a shot of cognac with oils & butters to moisturise.

Massive thank you to Sian, Heather and Caitlin for putting on such a fantastic evening and for the lovely products we got in our goody bags. Keep an eye out for reviews of those coming soon too!

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